PR – Bulldogs’ Continue with Tough Out-of-Conference Schedule

Minnesota Duluth

Bulldogs’ Continue with Tough Out-of-Conference Schedule

by UMD Lacrosse Media Relations

Minnesota Duluth

(Duluth, Minnesota – March 27, 2012) The University of Minnesota continues to dive headfirst into a challenging season where they find themselves spending more time on the road than in their home state. Two more games were played this past weekend, proving the Bulldogs have competitive teams in their season.

The first stop of the weekend landed the Bulldogs at Arizona State University on March 23. ASU came out swinging hard immediately with their Rockne Repp (#24) scoring the first point of the match when the clock only read 14:27. Senior captain Matt Madden (#17, Rochester, MN) found himself in penalty trouble early on. ASU continued to pound away at the Bulldogs’ net and their #21 secured their second goal. Their good streak seemed to halt when the Bulldogs had a man-up opportunity after ASU ran into penalty issues, but the Bulldogs were unable to get on the scoreboard. By the end of the first half, the Bulldogs would remain scoreless and the scoreboard would read 3-0 in favor of ASU.

The opponent continued to pound away at the Bulldogs’ goal, succeeding in securing a number of goals before UMD would finally put its foot down and make themselves heard. Halfway through the third quarter, Matt Murphy (#21, Eden Prairie, MN) broke the trend for his team and got them on the scoreboard. The score now read 7-1.

The Bulldogs continued to struggle into the third quarter, allowing their opponent to score in the last seconds streaming down from the clock, entering the fourth quarter with a score of 9-1, still in favor of ASU. The fourth quarter finally sparked something within the Bulldogs, and senior captains Drake Peterson (#15, Terrence Park, OH) and Madden (#17) got a play going. Peterson passed to Madden, who blasted the ball into the net, putting the Bulldogs up another point. ASU seemed to lose their concentration, and UMD took advantage of it while they could. After a handful of penalties, UMD found another opportunity to be a man up on the field. While they didn’t score on the man-up, Murphy (#21) fired another shot at the ASU goal and landed it, putting the Bulldogs up another point.

Despite the fire late in the game, it wasn’t enough to bridge the gap and the Bulldogs lost to Arizona State University with a final score of 10-3.

There wasn’t too much time to dwell on the loss as UMD headed straight into another match on Arizona soil, but this time they faced off against the University of Colorado on Sunday, March 25.

This game started out with the Bulldogs style. After an early penalty by Tyler Lorinser (#16, Chaska, MN) for being off sides, and letting an early goal slide by from CU’s Matt White (#17) pass to Greg Kelsic (#45), the Bulldogs answered. Justin Vossen (#18, Apple Valley, MN) evened the scores early in the first quarter. A trade-off of goals ensued with neither team letting the other attempt to outscore the other. UMD’s Stan Drutowski  (#28, Rosemount, MN) and Kevin Gaydos (#6, Lino Lakes, MN) would add goals of their own to the overall count, as would CU’s Kelsic (#45) and Bradely Macnee (#2). By the end of the first quarter, the two teams were tied at 3-3.

The battle for the scoreboard continued on into the second quarter. A chance to grab the lead from CU came not once, but twice, with the Bulldogs earning man-up opportunities on the field at CU penalties of slashing and checking to the head. Ben Blaeser (#3, Champlin, MN) was able to seize one of these man-up moments. Despite the advantage on the field, the Bulldogs were not able to pull ahead on the scoreboard and the first half ended with the two teams once again tied at 5-5.

The third quarter continued to see the same goal firing intensity as the previous half with neither team able to break away from the tied scoring. CU’s Alex Puldy (#9) and Kelsic (#45) broke from the pack, gaining CU a 2-point lead halfway through the quarter, but Alex McNamara (#10, Apple Valley, MN) added two goals of his own to UMD’s overall score. Finally, the tied scoring was broken at the third quarter’s closing, but it was in favor of CU with a score of 8-7.

It was in the fourth quarter where the Bulldog’s bite seemed to halt. CU got onto a scoring hot streak, and it didn’t end until the buzzer rang signaling the game was over. CU would continue on to score six more goals in the second half, leaving the final score between the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota Duluth in favor of CU at 14-7.

After the weekend in Arizona, the Bulldogs remain at the top in their  UMLC division with a record of 4-0 and an overall record of 4-6.

Next up, the Bulldogs return to their Minnesota turf to face-off against Mankato State University in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday, April 1.

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