PR – Bulldogs Add Another ‘W’ After Husky Match-up


Bulldogs Add Another ‘W’ After Husky Match-up

by UMD Lacrosse Media Relations

(Duluth, MN – March 5, 2012) The University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs continued to take care of business in the Upper Midwest Lacrosse Conference (UMLC).

This past weekend the Bulldogs headed to St. Cloud State University to face the Huskies. The Bulldogs were able to add another ‘W’ for their overall and UMLC record.

“Heading into this game, we knew the Huskies would be ready to throw everything they had at us,” said head coach Frank Clark. “Our main job was to focus, and play UMD lacrosse how we know how to play it.”

That’s exactly what the Bulldogs did.

The start of the first quarter kept in rhythm with each match played so far this season for the Bulldogs. With a time of 13:17 on the clock, Alex McNamara (#10, Academy of Holy Angel, MN) came out swinging and scored the first goal for UMD, putting the first point up on the scoreboard. Shortly afterward, around 12:38 on the time clock, Kevin Gaydos (#6, Centennial H.S., MN) jumped onboard to score the Bulldogs’ second goal. Towards the end of the quarter, SCSU called a time out, but it was an illegal procedure not in the box. UMD gained possession of the ball, and the quarter ended in favor of the Bulldogs with a score of 2-0.

When asked how he can improve his performance on the field, Kevin Gaydos, a senior attackman for the Bulldogs, said, “I’m paying special attention to putting myself into positions on the field where I’ve been more successful and I can better help my teammates.“

The second quarter started with a little rough housing from the Huskies, giving them a one-minute penalty for cross-checking. The Bulldogs came back with another goal, continuing their scoring streak. The goal came from Neal Pester (#33, Burnsville, MN) with an assist from Justin Vossen (#18, Eastview H.S., MN). Drake Peterson (#15, Terrence Park, OH) added to the scoreboard, with an assist from McNamara (#10). Halfway through the quarter, the Huskies would secure their first goal of the game. SCSU player Matt Schroeder (#19) caught a pass from Steven Davidson (#7), putting the score at 4-1, still in favor of the Bulldogs. Pester (#33) would score another goal, as would Ben Blasener (#3, Chaplin Park, MN), putting the score at 6-1 for the Bulldogs at halftime.


“It’s important we keep our heads in the game. Stay level-headed, cool, and play the game we know how to play,” said senior captain Matt Madden (#17).

At the start of the third quarter, Gaydos (#6) continued to be a force to be reckoned with on the field as he quickly added another goal to the scoreboard to begin the second half, putting the Bulldogs at 7-1. SCSU started racking up a few penalties in the third for being off sides and a couple counts of slashing, leaving them with a total penalty time of 2.5 minutes. The Bulldogs’ Peterson (#15) burst through the gates at 5:37 on the time clock to score his second goal of the game. Gaydos (#6) and Matt Murphy (#21, Eden Prairie, MN) contributed to the scoreboard further, ending the third quarter with the score of 11-1 for the Bulldogs.

“You have to hand it to the Saint Cloud goalie today. He repeatedly made impressive saves,” noted Clark.

The two teams continued to brawl into the fourth. The Huskies Davidson (#7) scored but the team remained trailing with a score of 11-2. After the Bulldogs’ Matt Madden (#17, Rochester, MN) was penalized for slashing, the SCSU Huskies racked up several penalties of their own. First, a penalty was awarded for unnecessary roughness from Huskies’ Matthew Pribyl (#5). Shortly afterwards, with 11:32 showing on the clock, the Huskies’ Brady Vaneyll (#26) received a penalty for unsportsman-like conduct, and was ejected from the game. The Bulldogs continued to keep their focus as the fourth quarter began to wind itself down, adding another point to the board as Blaeser (#3) passed to Tyler Lorisner (#16, Chaska, MN). Before the final quarter ended, both teams scored one more point. Vossen (#18) would put the final score on the board at 15-3 for the Bulldogs.

“We are happy to get another UMLC win under our belts before we head out for three weeks of out-of-conference games,” said Clark.

The Bulldogs now hold a UMLC record of 4-0 overall, and a divisional record of 4-0 as well.

Next up, the Bulldogs hit the road and will find themselves in California for a string of out-of-conference matches. The three-game stretch will start off against Cal Poly on March 10, followed by Chapman in Orange, California on March 12, and finishing against UC Santa Barbara on March 14. The Bulldogs will be back in Minnesota on March 17 for a much anticipated rematch against the Division I champion Brigham Young University at Augsburg College.

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