Pondering The MCLA Opening Weekend


Let’s ponder the MCLA’s opening weekend…

Photo Credit: Robert White

GTech Vs BC

Georgia Tech hosted Boston College to open the 2014 MCLA season. Despite promises of a webcast, the crew could not broadcast the game due to a missing piece for their camera. The missing piece had presumably been ordered in time for the game but with the recent snow in Atlanta it did not arrive in time.

Georgia Tech did begin live tweeting when a few people complained.

I’ve been a diehard fan of the MCLA since 2000, and yet this was the first year where I actually knew when the games started. Wouldn’t it be great if the MCLA gathered up the four teams from the previous year’s Final Four, paid for them to fly out to California or Florida, put them up in hotels, and made the season opener a big deal for the league? Baseball has opening day. Why can’t the MCLA? Something to think about for 2015.

Boston College won the game 9-8. Remarkably, Georgia Tech hasn’t allowed double digit goals since April 14, 2012 when they lost 10-4 to Georgia. Defense has never been Tech’s issue. Boston College took on Georgia next, and won 15-5. They play BYU next on Feb 20th. We’re off and running to California.

MCLA Tournament To California

I can’t imagine being an MCLA school East of the Mississippi and finding out on August 12th that they had to budget and/or raise funds for a trip to California if they wanted to participate in this year’s national tournament. After two years in South Carolina, the West coast deserved to be a tournament host again, but you cannot make that announcement two weeks before school starts. All that does is place unnecessary stress on coaches and student leaders. I would have liked to see the games given to South Carolina again for the 2014 event and then announce that California would be receiving the 2015 and 2016 tournament.

Wisconsin Badgers Lacrosse

Wisconsin emerged from a two month Twitter hiatus to let their fans know that their website had been updated with a season preview.

With only two graduating seniors, the Wisconsin-Madison MCLA Lacrosse team had exciting ambitions looking towards the 2014 season. Unfortunately, due to many reoccurring injuries, not all of the players were able to come back to the team this season. Despite these setbacks, the 2014 Badgers have welcomed in ten new and outstanding freshmen that are ready to contribute to this year’s conference and national championship run. Full article here.

Wisconsin was on the verge of becoming a leader in the new look GRLC thanks to the fall of Illinois and Lindenwood’s departure for NCAA D2. The move to the UMLC makes sense for both the Badgers and the league. For the Badgers, their conference travel costs shrink dramatically which means they can allocate funds to their coaches, boosting their OOC schedule, or even decreasing player dues.

For the UMLC, their coveted AQ is restored. Duluth was the last team out in the 2013 tournament field so that should give you an idea what the tournament committee thought of their campaign. Why the league didn’t have a plan set up for Marquette’s D1 jump is beyond me, but no matter. The AQ is back.

Wisconsin and Duluth squared off last year with the Bulldogs coming away with a 9-6 win. Wisconsin also dropped a 13-12 game to the Gophers. Wisconsin may may a threat to the UMLC title in their first year depending upon who they lost to injury. Pittsburgh natives Ed Lally and Matt Peter are two attackmen the Badgers cannot afford to do without. The high school teammates combined for 94 points.

Texas State beat up on Texas A&M

Video proof:

I’ll be back as the season progresses offering up thoughts and reactions to MCLA action.