Our First Game = Next Friday



Editor’s Note: IU junior attackman Matt Anderson posts.


The first game of the 2011 Season is a week from today. More on that later. But first, I’ve been thinking…

Do you think the Mayans are pissed off that Y2K was such a dud? I personally think that this whole “world is going to end in 2012” thing would be picking up a lot more steam if the year 2000 wouldn’t have been so full of electricity and functioning computers. You can’t really blame people though. If the smartest technology dweebs in the world as of 1999 couldn’t even correctly predict the demise of the earth one year before it happened, how are we supposed to believe some Indians thousands of years ago? They didn’t even HAVE computers back then. Everyone knows you can’t know anything without the internet. That whole movie they made about it didn’t really help either. I didn’t see it because the trailer looked stupid, but I think that’s kind of my point. It’s hard to instill fear in the hearts of the population if you can’t even get them to see your movie about the world ending. That’s kind of an important topic. More people are concerned with Jake Sully and the Na’vi defending their planet Pandora from the evil humans trying to mine it for resources in Avatar, AKA Fern Gully 2. All I know is that I will not be tricked into storing canned goods and bottled water again next year. My family ate baked beans and drank water out of old 2-liters for all of January and most of February 2000 because we had to get rid of our supply.


End of Week Practice Recap

Monday: If my ball protection was a second-hand clothing store, it would have been Goodwill, because I was practically giving the ball away. Must give some credit where credit is due though, as Mike Shagi pointed out our defense showed up big time in practisimo on Monday.

Wednesday: Much better all around practice, still have a long way to go both individually and as a team. I might have ripped a hole in the net with a 14 yarder (That didn’t really happen). I might have asked an assistant coach “what smells like updog in this huddle?” and got the “what’s updog?” reply (That did happen. Classic).

Thursday: Started off with some confusion on Thursday. Some time back, Wacky T-Shirt Wednesday was going to be a practice theme. However, since our practice schedule is going to be changing and we will not have practices on Wednesday’s after Spring Break, we went with the more permanent Tacky T-Shirt Thursday. This is where the confusion came in, as players weren’t sure if they were to be wearing Wacky or Tacky T-Shirts underneath their pads. Problem was eventually resolved (now it is Wacky and/or Tacky T-Shirt Thursdays), but it was too late. Maybe 1/3 of the team participated in Wa/oTT-ST, which became a bit of a distraction. Oh well. Pretty solid practice otherwise.

It’s important to have fun at practice and stuff, but most important to always remember that winning games is the most fun. I’d stop wearing my pajama shirt to practice on Thursday’s if it meant winning an extra game. Priorities.

Speaking of winning games…

We have our first game of the season in exactly one week against a very talented Virginia Tech team. I honestly know nothing about them as it is our first season playing them, but word on the street is that they’re legit. We then play Wake Forest, who just did some decent work on Georgia Tech, the day after VT.

To be honest, I have a lot of reasons why I don’t feel like I/we will be ready for a double header one week from now and one great reason why I think we will be.

Let’s start out negative: Our team is very young. Freshmen are being asked to step up all over the place. Our entire defense is new from last year. Personally, I have only been back in the United States for one month since studying a broad (or two…) in London and related travel, which leaves a lot of rust left to shake off and a lot of conditioning left to do. We are playing under new offensive and defensive schemes this year with a new Coach. We had a VERY poor showing for Wacky and/or Tacky T-Shirt Thursday. I could go on, but, I’d much rather get to my belief as to why we will be ready to play:

RULE #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion

That’s about all there is to it. Time spent making excuses is time spent not getting better. I feel like our whole team is more focused on getting better right now than making excuses, which is a great sign moving forward. Regardless of the outcomes next weekend, I’m ridiculously excited to play a real lacrosse game again. More excited than when I found out that Flea did the voice of Donnie Thornberry.

wild thornberries


This part here is a bit of an image-puzzle. I’m going to show you two seemingly unrelated pictures that, when identified and said together, made me laugh when I thought of it. Kind of like the Wheel of Fortune category Before and After (my grandparents’ favorite). There’s a clue too. If you get it, let me know in the comments. That’d be great.


Spike don’t play with girls because when he does, he can’t resist their silky smooth skin. He can’t bear tackling IceBox when her skin is smoother than the other side of a baby’s pillow.

…remember, homeschool…

Let’s do some Celebrity News, then I’m out of here.

President Donald Trump? I’d vote for him.

In an effort to stay more worthless than Christina Aquilera, Lindsay Lohan did this.

Now Presenting: Mark Sanchez’s Bedroom!

17 year old

Courtesy of a 17 year old girl

Indiana native and Survivor legend Rupert Boneham has been working out…


How many Survivor series have they done now? It’s getting a bit ridiculous… There should be a law that when a show has done more series than there are sequels to Land Before Time, it has to be cancelled.

Annnnddddd last but not least, Conan has still got it.

l8r nerds,