Oregon Lacrosse: MCLA Championships!

Team Pic
Mid-season Team Picture

Editor’s Note: In our last installment of Oregon Lacrosse, Chris Osip tackled Doubleheaders and a road trip to Canada. This time around, Chris is talking MCLA Championships in Greenville, SC.  It’s the most exciting time of the year:  THE PLAYOFFS!


As far as conference tournament weekends go, Oregon’s 2012 event was very calm. The team left Eugene last Saturday at 10:00 AM for Tacoma, Washington, the home of the 2012 PNCLL championships. Compared to the 14 hour road trip we endured on the way to Utah, this one flew by. We checked into the hotel mid-afternoon after a healthy lunch at Panera Bread and departed for our 6:00 PM game against the Idaho Vandals soon after.

Curtis High School, the hosting venue, is easily the nicest public school I’ve ever seen and the staff was consummately professional. Our game with Idaho was scrappy and there were some defensive lapses in the first half but the end result was a comfortable 16-8 win.

Team Pic
Mid-season Team Picture

On Sunday we checked out of the hotel earlier than was originally intended, and enjoyed some great pre-game sandwiches in the lobby. Simon Fraser is always ready to compete; one of the reasons we enjoy playing them so much. The game was much lower scoring than the 20-13 shootout two months ago, but the result was no different. We won 13-6, with two of their goals coming very late in the fourth quarter. Holding a team with so many talented finishers to that kind of production was gratifying for us all. Hats off to all of our defensive personnel.

This is the third year in a row we’ve won our conference tournament. Retaining ownership of the cup is what we have come to expect from ourselves year in and year out, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a special experience every time. Winning the PNCLL tournament is an annual goal and something we take a lot of pride in. Much credit is due to our past two senior classes for helping bring the cup back to Eugene. Thanks to you guys the program is back where it should be. A team’s potential is only what it expects from itself.

Everyone was surprised at our national tournament seeding. The 11 spot seems a little odd to me but this isn’t something we can control. I’m very curious as to what the reasoning behind it was, but there’s no point in worrying about it. Besides, we get to play Chapman in the first round, and potentially BYU in the second round.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ducks at Nationals
Ducks cheering on Wolves at Nationals, that doesn't happen often.

New, Notes, Musings and Thoughts:

Congrats to Jeff “Gorgeous Gary” Garrett on his 2nd Team All Conference Defensive Midfield selection. He pretended to be surprised.

Maybe he wasn’t pretending. Maybe we should start calling him Gary Island.

Panera Bread’s Bread is a revelation!

Curtis High School was incredible. They have their own pool. I could definitely see my kids falling behind the industrialized nations’ average math and science test scores there.

PNCLL Tournament Co-MVP Ben Smood throws a mean slap check and does not steal all the covers.

The game against Chapman will be streamed live.

Our hotel room experienced a towel shortage. And then this happened to me.

We’ve been practicing in hoodies and sweatpants all week to prepare for the southern humidity. I’ve been practicing my thank yous all week to prepare for the southern hospitality.

Many thanks to the Roots and the Robertsons for the delicious meals in Tacoma. I apologize if I left out any contributing families.

Hope to see you all in Greenville!

– Chris Osip