Oregon Lacrosse: Doubleheader Part Deux

Oregon simon fraser lacrosse
More Oregon - SFU action.

On Friday we left the exceedingly wet Eugene, Oregon for Burnaby, British Columbia to play Simon Fraser. Though we traveled several hundred miles north, the weather situation proved to be an upgrade. One issue with traveling to Canada biannually, as is tradition here at UO, is making sure everyone has the necessary documentation. Several members of our team scheduled to travel could not make the trip due to the logistical issue known as “I don’t have my passport, coach”.

At the beginning of the season our coaches made sure everyone was aware of this requirement but even so a special stop in Seattle was made so that a certain attackman could pick his up from a relative. No harm, no foul.

Oregon simon fraser lacrosse
Oregon looking good in green!

Our lodging in Burnaby was surprisingly comfortable despite a foreboding outward appearance; which proved to be an accurate representation of Canada in general. The lowered drinking age allowed me to have a single adult beverage while out at dinner on Friday night. The facilities at Simon Fraser were great also. Having a locker room is a luxury in the MCLA, and it never goes unappreciated.

My teammates and I checked out of the hotel at 11:00 AM on  Saturday morning and left for the SFU campus for our 1:00 PM game against the Clan. Some early defensive lapses and trouble gaining possession gave Simon Fraser a 5-2 lead. Once we started to possess the ball the goals came easily; and at halftime we held a tentative 10-8 lead over our rivals. Everyone stepped up the intensity in the second half and midway through the third quarter the game opened up for us.

SFU began to wear down and our superior athleticism and conditioning became evident. Our man down defense was especially impressive in this win. They did not allow a single goal during a three minute illegal stick penalty.

Following post-game showers and pizzas, we boarded the bus and headed down to Seattle for a Sunday game against the University of Washington. Even the rainiest city in the nation managed to be drier than Eugene. Saturday night the team enjoyed one of the better meals in Oregon Lacrosse’s recent memory, which included lasagna and some kind of chicken that everyone enjoyed. Huge thank you to the Robertson family for that one!

Oregon simon fraser lacrosse
More Oregon - SFU action.

All photos courtesy LAXlevel Photography’s Facebook page.

I’m not going to write much about our game against UW because it was an extremely ugly win. The final score was 9-5 and no one is happy about it. We came in without a lot of energy and definitely underestimated our opponent. Their goalie had a great day; he was very good high and did not shy away from using his body to make saves. We definitely played to those strengths.


– Song of the trip:

– If the freshmen could say hello from the front of the bus they would.

– At some point in the fourth quarter when the game is in hand I find myself wondering if I should unstrap my helmet and migrate to the end of the sideline or remain near the box. Our small travel roster makes this a very real dilemma. It’s some kind of sideline purgatory and I’m never sure what to do. Would love to hear Larry David’s opinion.

– We got to play competitive lacrosse in another country as a part of our season: MCLA 1 – NCAA 0

– Continental breakfasts are ALWAYS disappointing. They should name it after a less impressive geographical formation. Archipelago breakfast? I’ll sell that one to Jerry Seinfeld.

– The UW rec center is way nicer than ours. They even have a “guest services” desk.

– There is definitely something to shooting overhand.

We’re all very excited to play Florida on Wednesday. 3-0 on this stretch is what we expect from ourselves. It may or may not be the first ever MCLA game between the two schools.


Chris Osip


  1. Author was right about the quality of the game against the UW, but wrong about the score.  As the game ran down Corbin Root scored to give Oregon a 10 to 5 victory.  All 30 of Oregon’s traveling squad played in the game.