Oregon Lacrosse: California and More!


Oregon Lacrosse: We Want You

Last Friday we departed for Sonoma, California to take on Cal Poly and Sonoma State. Needless to say everyone was excited for a test against some top-notch competition. Following our win the previous weekend over Cal we were feeling confident, though it was and still is clear that we have a long way to go. That’s what makes team sports so interesting; no team is the same from week to week. Through injuries, player development, new strategies and a myriad of other variables it is difficult to predict where the team will be at the end of the season. All we can do is try to improve every day and learn from our mistakes.

We beat Cal Poly twice last year, including a first round win in the MCLA tournament; they clearly had not forgotten. The game started out fast showcasing the athleticism inherent in both teams. Thanks to some outstanding play in cage by Austin Ryan we entered halftime with a 6-4 lead. A lapse in focus and energy level in the third quarter gave the Mustangs a 10-8 lead heading into the fourth.

The final quarter turned out to be an up and down affair, with both teams fighting hard for groundballs. After exchanging a few goals their lead was down to one but a crucial fast break goal off of a face off stemmed our momentum. Don’t let the score fool you, this was a very close game. We gave up a few easy goals through poor execution in the final minutes.

Matt Johnson had a killer game putting up seven points and as a whole the offense played pretty well. We just had too many defensive lapses and costly turnover to come out on top.

Ducks Back of Unis
Ducks Uniforms (courtesy of their Facebook page)

The next day we traveled to Sonoma State for the second part of our doubleheader. The infamous couches were out in full force. I must give credit to Sonoma State’s fans; they did their research and bombarded our players with some oddly personal diatribes.

The game against SSU started out sloppy on both sides and from the start it was a heated affair. After one quarter we were down, with the score being 3-2. From there on it was all Oregon. The defense, aided by some more outstanding play by Austin Ryan shut out Sonoma State for the rest of the game. The offense did not do a particularly good job of capitalizing on opportunities, and I must say that State’s goalie had a great game. The referees called the game very loose; our opponents may not have won the game but they certainly made it a physical affair.

A fight nearly broke out in the fourth quarter, but things settled down after that and no one is really to blame. The most heated competitions are ultimately the most gratifying. Our enforcer Ben Smood’s reputation as a master locker boxer preceded him and no fists were thrown, just harsh words. Overall we were happy to leave California with a 9-3 win, though we certainly hope to see Cal Poly in Greensboro.

Some Musings:

The best road trip music of all time has to be either John Cougar Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen. We had a great debate about this and I am adamant that JCM cannot be touched. After 10 hours on a charter bus it may be a moot issue…

Yours truly did not play in either game due to a foot injury, nor did LSM Ryan Terada. Defenseman Nate Tuman was severely limited, but still did what he could and midfielder Matt Samet was also out. Some freshman got a lot of PT. We won’t let it go to their heads, but we’re very proud.

Freshman midfielder Kevin Proceviat had the goal of the weekend, scoring off of a 2 on 5 “fast break”. Definitely one of those, “NO NO NO NO…YES!” moments.

Nothing is more satisfying after a win than some Katy Perry. And In-N-Out.

Some great nicknames were created on the sideline during the Sonoma State game. That’s gold, Jerry. Gold!

The Chapman-BYU game was insanity at its finest. We’ll certainly be getting the best out of the former this Friday. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our helmet decals arrived. Regardless of 412’s opinion, they look great.

Ducks Helmet and Gloves
Oregon's Helmet and Gloves (courtesy of their Facebook page)

I’ve been switched between midfield and attack so many times since coming to Oregon that I’m trying to get my position on our website changed to “Athlete”.

Having a logjam of southpaws at attack is a coach’s dream, and a character building experience for the guy who ends up playing midfield.

We’re really pumped for Chapman this Friday. You don’t even know.

Thanks for reading, let me know where you stand on the JCM/The Boss debate.

Shake n’ Bake!

Chris Osip