North Texas 2012 Lacrosse Video

North Texas Mean Green Lacrosse
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The University of North Texas, aka Mean Green, have high expectations for 2012. Let’s check in and see how they’re doing, shall we? They definitely have the custom painted goal thing down!

North Texas Mean Green Lacrosse

Mean Green in the house!

This video out of the University of North Texas is cool for a couple of reasons: 1) it gives a nice preview for the Spring 2) it shows the school is interested in the program, and 3) it shows of the UNT goals, which are painted lime green and have “mean green” written across the top.  And that’s just awesome!

Will UNT truly be able to compete for the LSA title this year and a birth at Nationals?  Or will 2012 be another “almost” season for Mean Green?

Only time will tell!  In the meantime, be jealous of their sweet, custom lax goals.

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