North of the Border with Luke Genereux


Simon Fraser will be doing a blog with MCLA Fan this spring, highlighting a different player of the Clan each week. They will fill us in on a number of different topics and questions. This week, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Luke Genereux (Port Coquitlam, BC / Terry Fox Secondary) Senior, Defense.

Being Canadian in an American League:

MCLA Fan: People in the US are going to be interested: What is it like being the only Canadian team in an American field lacrosse league?  Do most of your guys grow up playing box or field?  Both?

Luke Genereux: Being the only Canadian team in an American league is certainly a unique experience. Usually it means a lot of travelling to meet opponents, and it’s always fun to be with the boys on the road. It also makes for a great atmosphere when we are playing games away from home. More often than not it seems like we are playing more for national pride than anything else.

Do you think more Canadian Universities should try to join the MCLA? Canada has a similar type of league, how good are those teams?  Does SFU ever play them?

I think it would be great for more Canadian teams to join the MCLA. There are players on the team from all over Canada and many of them came to SFU for the lacrosse experience that we provide. With that said, we take a lot of pride in being the sole representative of our country in an American league. There is another collegiate lacrosse league in Canada based in Ontario and Quebec, the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association. It’s a much smaller league and has different rules/eligibility requirements. To the best of my knowledge SFU has never played a team from the CUFLA.

For you what’s the best part of being an SFU Clansman?

The best part of being a Clansman is definitely the camaraderie and family atmosphere that comes with being a lacrosse player at SFU. We typically carry a smaller roster than most MCLA teams (this year we have just 19 players) and that makes us a pretty close-knit group. In addition, because we are the only Canadian team, we take a lot of pride in representing our country in an American league.

During the Season/Gametime:

During the season, what kind of meals do you eat on a regular basis? Any pregame meals? (I’ve heard Mrs. Hoskins is a great cook)

During the season, our team manager Marilyn Hoskins cooks delicious hotel-cooked meals while we are on the road. She packs all the necessary equipment and spends a great deal of time ensuring we are getting everything we need in terms of nutrition for peak performance. Dinner tonight (in Utah the night before our game versus the Utes) consisted of meat lasagna, garden salad with Italian dressing and dinner buns. When we are at home Marilyn organizes dinner once a week for all the guys living on campus away from their families. I know this is a highlight for a lot of guys and really helps create the strong family atmosphere we value at SFU.

It’s midweek during the season so you’re in between weekend games. Tell us about a day in the life of YOU.  What do you do? Where do you go (classes, places, practices, movies, etc)? Who are you with (friends, girlfriend, teammates, parents)? What do you think about? What do you watch or listen to?

The time in between games is usually spent preparing for next weeks opponent. We have a pretty competitive schedule and every game matters if you plan to be in Denver in May. Off the field I spend most of my time in class or in the library working on assignments and studying. It can be a challenge to keep up with school work during our travel intensive schedule, so I do what I can to keep ahead. Off campus I work a couple of part-time jobs, on the weekends that we don’t have games, to earn a little extra money. I’m fortunate in that my employers are really flexible with my schedule during the season. And while I don’t get a ton of time to spend watching tv this time of year, I do try to keep up with shows like How I Met Your Mother and Californication.

Tell us about your pregame rituals.

Pregame I just try to focus on myself and keep calm. I’ve spent the previous week preparing for the opponent and I already know who my defensive assignment will be. I just try to visualize my responsibilities in each of the rides/clears we utilize and focus on what I can do to make a difference in the game. Pretty basic really, I’m not a very superstitious guy; I just try to concentrate on the things I can control.

Thanks for your time Luke, good luck this weekend! The Clan is just getting started so come back each week to hear from a new player. Follow their scores on their Twitter and check out their team website.