North of the Border with Colton Dow


North of the Border with Colton Dow (Coquitlam, BC / Heritage Woods Secondary) – Sophomore, Attack


Do you think more Canadian Universities should try to join the MCLA? Canada has a similar type of league, how good are those teams?  Does SFU ever play them?

I think it would be beneficial to the MCLA for more Canadian teams to join the league. It is a really competitive league with excellent competition that I think other Canadian teams would really enjoy. The CUFLA (Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association) is a competitive league in Eastern Canada. Some of the formidable teams in the CUFLA include McGill and Queen’s University. From what I have heard those universities along with many others in the league have very talented lacrosse programs for both men’s and women’s. Unfortunately we do not get the opportunity to play any teams from the CUFLA. I would like to get the chance to play a few of the teams, perhaps in fall ball one year. It would be a nice change of pace to play another Canadian team.

What do you do off the field?  What does SFU offer that no other school offers?  Any unique traditions on campus or within the lacrosse team?

Off the field I am heavily into my studies. SFU is an extremely competitive academically, which I really enjoy. There are no easy routes at SFU which provides its students with a challenge academically. SFU is one of the elite schools that push students to learn at their own pace. Having spoken with numerous academic advisors and teaching assistants, I have learned that everything down to the architecture of SFU is designed for students to basically teach themselves which is very unique. Maybe the only tradition academically the lacrosse team has is to help each other out any way we can. It is really unique to have a wide variety of academic skills on our team, despite our small numbers, so we try to assist each other in our studies as much as possible.

It’s midweek during the season so you’re in between weekend games. Tell us about a day in the life of YOU.  What do you do? Where do you go (classes, places, practices, movies, etc)? Who are you with (friends, girlfriend, teammates, parents)? What do you think about? What do you watch or listen to.

Midweek is basically preparation for my next game. This semester I am taking four courses which puts me in the classroom about fourteen hours a week. When I am not in the classroom I usually try and get as much reading done as possible in a quiet spot on campus. Outside of school I coach lacrosse with kids ages nine and ten. I usually work twelve to twenty hours a week to pay the bills. No girlfriend right now but I have a good group of friends inside and outside of SFU which I try and hang out with as much as possible. More often than not you can find me somewhere on campus with three or four of my teammates just hanging out during the week. Between school, work, and lax I keep myself pretty busy so the weeks typically fly by.

Tell us about your weapon of choice… What kind of shaft do you use? Head? Dyed or white? What kind of string job? Who strings it? How many other spoons do you have in your arsenal and what are they?

My weapon of choice consists of a white proton super power and our custom Harrow – SFU lacrosse shafts. Some players go with a fat tape butt end but I like the rubber cap. I am a firm believer in look good, feel good, play good so the Canadian flag is the theme of my stick. Red tape on the bottom split up by a white strip in the middle for good grip. My first and third shooting strings are red with a white shooter in the middle to complete the Canadian flag theme. My buddy and teammate Eric “New” Ransom strings my twigs. He does a good job and it seems to be working for me so he is my go-to guy. I have two spare shafts and about three spare heads as preparation is vital.

What are your teammates off-the-field fashion tastes like? Pick a teammate and describe their style and fashion choices off the field. Sneak some photos if you can and critique their swagger

We actually have Nick Jonas as our face-off specialist. Making up for the otherwise uniform fashion sense, Max Weselowski is the long lost fourth Jonas brother. A typical outfit for him consists of slim fit jeans, v-neck white t-shirt, leather jacket, converse shoes, and if the weather permits a pair of ray-ban aviators. His hair strikingly resembles that of the Jonas lineage which further exemplifies his fashionable personality.

The only other player that hears repetitive criticism is me. My constantly gelled hair, even after practice, often attracts Jersey Shore comments.

Pick any player on your team and tell the readers about him. Roast him. We want to hear why he is a good teammate and what makes him unique.

Already mentioned once in this interview, Eric Ransom or “New” as he is more commonly known is quite the character. His nickname originates from the fact that he has an introductory perspective towards every one of his experiences. He is the type of guy that will ask the question that somebody has JUST asked which gives our team a good chuckle. For example, on one occasion a few teammates were playing pass in a hotel parking lot (not encouraged). We received a complaint about playing pass from a guest. Coach Hoskins approached the individuals playing pass and put forth a simple question: “What is the number one rule about playing pass in the parking lot?” New cleverly replies “Don’t go on AP (Academic Probation)?” To which the group burst into laughter as the two concepts are nowhere near related. Aside from his quirky approach to life, he works (and sweats) extremely hard in the gym as well as on the field. He is a major workhorse being one of our few middies.