North of the Border with Chris Tessarolo


Simon Fraser will be doing a blog with MCLA Fan this spring, highlighting a different player of the Clan each week. They will fill us in on a number of different topics and questions. This week, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Tessarolo (New Westminster, BC / New Westminster Secondary) Senior, Attack/Midfield.

Simon Fraser University:

For you what’s the best part of being an SFU Clansman?

The greatest thing about playing for the SFU Clansmen for the past 3 years has been the comradery between guys on the team. The family mentality of the SFU Lacrosse program is something that helps every guy on the team mesh together into a cohesive unit. By having smaller rosters, you seem to build more in depth relationships with your teammates and this can provide a stronger group that can persevere a lot more than a larger team.

During the Season/Gametime:

What do you do off the field?  What does SFU offer that no other school offers?  Any unique traditions on campus or within the lacrosse team?

Off the field from practice, when I am not working or going to class, I go to the gym with my teammates 2-3 times a week to maintain an injury free body for the season. I also do coaching for the Burnaby Mountain Selects program as I try to give back to a growing sport in Canada and a program in which I graduated from in its Inaugural year. We have a tradition that was started in my sophomore year on the SFU Lacrosse team. We introduced the idea of giving out a hard hat award to the player of the game that the team felt had made a crucial impact in the team’s success that game.

During the season, what kind of meals do you eat on a regular basis? Any pregame meals? (I’ve heard Mrs. Hoskins is a great cook)

Living with two of my teammates, each of us have very different schedules aside from team events we attend which makes it difficult to coordinate meals. I try to avoid the T.V. dinner and fried food menu that most college students dig into. My main go to meal is any sort of pasta, including lasagna. For pregame meals, I usually try to stay on the light side in terms of eating before a game. For an ideal pregame meal, I try to eat a small amount of pasta and some type of salad, maybe some bread on the side as well. You are right about our manager Marilyn Hoskins, she does an amazing job providing us with great meals on the road and I don’t think she’ll ever know how much we appreciate all she does.

It’s midweek during the season so you’re in between weekend games. Tell us about a day in the life of YOU.  What do you do? Where do you go (classes, places, practices, movies, etc)? Who are you with (friends, girlfriend, teammates, parents)? What do you think about? What do you watch or listen to?

When it comes to game weeks the most important thing for me is getting my rest in. I attend all my regular classes during the week and usually work two days as well. When I’m not going to class and working, I usually try to make a visit to my number one fans being my girlfriend and parents and usually give them an update on how my week is going and most importantly how the team is doing, because they are always interested. I try to also get out at least a couple times to rip shots with some of the guys on the team and if not I’ll just go by myself with a bag of balls. I try to not dwell on previous week’s games and rather focus on upcoming opponents and what needs to be done by myself to increase our chances of success, whether it’s going over new systems or team specific rides and clears.

Looking back on last weekend’s game against BYU, is there anything you wish had gone better?

Much like what I stated above, I try to not look back on games unless facing that same opponent in the upcoming weeks. In this case though, there were a few things I wish had gone differently during the game that may have offered a different outcome. I think we could have been a bit more effective with our rides and clears as well as sticking to our offensive game plan. Lacking the ability to effectively clear the ball on transition really put a lot of stress on our defense as well as our non-existent ride to regain possession. Once we mitigate these problems we’ll be able to change the outcome of this game for the future.

Thanks for your time Chris, good luck this weekend! The Clan is just getting started so come back each week to hear from a new player, missed last week? Check it out here. Follow their scores on their Twitter and check outtheir team website.