Nebraska Gear Explosion


Usually when we receive gear, we assume it will be a couple pictures of a pair of gloves here, maybe a few more of the new game uniforms there, but Nebraska impressed the heck out of us last night with this submission.

May I present to you, the Nebraska gloves, shooters, pinnies, shorts, home jerseys, and away jerseys for 2012. Check it.

Front of the home jerseys.

Back of the home jerseys.

Front of the away jerseys.

Back of the away jerseys.

What’s that little thing on the neck?

That is one angry corn cob. I have never seen that logo before, but I like it. Moving on to the front of the pinnies.

 Back of the pinnies.

Snipe show! Love it! How about these practice shorts?

Checkers and stripes. What goes great with practice shorts and pinnies? Well a shooting shirt of course!

Classy argyle action going on. Back of the shooting shirt.

So far, so good my friends. We’ve saved the best for last though. Looks like Nebraska will be using Brine Superlights this season.

Very clean looking gloves. Nicely done all-around Huskers! Good luck this season.

Have gear you want to share? Drop us a note and some pictures in the LAS Tipline.