MUST WATCH: Oregon vs Michigan, MCLA Lacrosse Tournament 2011

Oregon vs. Michigan men's lacrosse MCLA tournament

What do you get when you mix ducks, wolverines, rain, hail and tornado warnings? BHSVideoDad gives us an up-close look!

Oregon vs. Michigan men's lacrosse MCLA tournament

University of Oregon vs. University of Michigan
2011 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Quarterfinals
Denver, Colorado

Oregon and Michigan meet for the 3rd time is less than two years in the quarter finals of the MCLA Championship in Denver. Michigan is number one seed and three time defending champion, but the Ducks have twice taken them to overtime. Denver serves up some amazing weather including rain, hail and tornado warnings. The Ducks up and down transition offense is in contrast to Michigan’s patient settled offense. It’s Michigan’s last win in the MCLA as they go out in the next round against ASU and then announce a week later they will go NCAA D1 in 2012.

No matter the weather, every game BHSVideoDad films is a great game. Am I right or am I right?

For some Michigan going D1 opinion, check out Connor Wilson’s post on The Difference A Year Can Make.

Now let’s rewind to the 7:55 mark and take in that last segment of the video again…

In many ways it was a game of lasts. For Michigan, it would be their last win as an MCLA team as Arizona State knocked them out of the tournament in the following round. And then, a week later, they announced they would play D1 lacrosse in the Fall. It was the last game of the season for the Ducks, who after a slow start, came on to win 11 of 12 before meeting Michigan in the Quarters.

You can include that line the MCLA history books if you ask me. I want to hire BHSVideoDad to do a documentary on the growth of the MCLA.

By the way, who knew mustaches were so trendy in the State of Oregon? Coach Kerwin may have even been rocking one in that video!


  1. Had breakfast with the creator of this film the day before this game.. Oregon players dad, filmed every game and made a bunch of cool videos. Good to have parents help out like that and can really go a long way in the growning of the mcla.