Motel California: Day 2

Definitely not a Minnesota landscape at the top of Lombard Street

Sorry that this is extremely late after I promised daily installments, that will happen when your hotel has no working Wi-Fi ANYWHERE. Moving on.

Friday began with a struggle as the team realized the hotel’s complimentary breakfast was limited to a selection of pastries and bananas. It’s character building.

Gopher Lacrosse Breakfast
It’ll be okay.


Once we got past that initial shock we were able to go out on the town to observe some San Franciscan sights and sounds. Gophers visited the Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street (the twistiest road in America!!!!!!!), and Chinatown among other landmarks. Also I  think 99% of the team went to In-N-Out Friday. When in Cali…

Definitely not a Minnesota landscape at the top of Lombard Street
West Coast architecture


I honestly don’t think it would be that hard to escape.

I did all of this and also got verbally abused by a homeless woman. More character building!

At 3:45 the bus departed for Santa Clara. What was supposed to be a leisurely 40-minute cruise turned into a 2+ hour debacle thanks to rush hour Friday in California traffic. But we were on time so what who cares.

The game against Santa Clara began with a relatively slow pace, the highlights of the first half of quarter one being 5 impressive saves by freshman Cody Komorouski in goal. Santa Clara broke the first zero of the game; setting the pace for the lead they would have later in the game. The teams traded goals until Minnesota was down 2 early in the fourth quarter, but Tim Rondorf and Sam Swanson had other plans for the Gophers. With two quick goals they tied the score at 5 with one minute left, leading the game to overtime. After 16 seconds of sudden death play, Santa Clara scored and ended the battle. The final score was 6-5.

Pregame huddle and new away jerseys

Santa Clara was a very classy team and we enjoyed being their guest. Good luck to the Broncos this season.

Come back tomorrow for a run down of our time in Berkeley and our second to last full day in San Francisco. Sea lions and a naked bike parade were involved.

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