Updated: Monday Morning MCLA Mash-Up

A lot of tradition going on right there.

With the MCLA season officially kicking off this weekend, we wanted to highlight a bunch of the MCLA posts all into one and throw in some new information as well. Enjoy!

Last night, The Lacrosse Network dropped a video of a look inside the Chapman lacrosse program. TLN has been pumping out new videos left and right, solid work from down south.

Florida State will be sporting gold Pro-7’s with the traditional FSU spear on the side of it. Looking sharp. Florida State opens their season February 1st with a game against Tampa (NCAA D2).

A lot of tradition going on right there.

While some teams were able to have games this weekend, others are still taking the opportunity to lax it up as much as they can. Portland State opens the season February 3rd with a game against Willamette. Check out a video of their shoot around below.

I’m really hoping for a lot of helmet cam fun this year.

Richmond University (SELC D1) received their gear for the 2012 season this past week, they will be sporting the STX Assault line of gear. Check out their gloves and arm protection below.

Richmond's STX Assault Gloves
STX Assault Arm Pads

If you missed it, Colorado Buffs are making a charge at 412’s #1 spot for next year’s Fashion Week with their all black K18’s. So fresh and so clean clean.

And Alabama crashed the party this weekend by getting us all excited over some Nike gloves from 2011. We act like we’re mad, but we aren’t. Hopefully they’ll send over their 2012 Brine King III’s soon so we can show them off as well (hint hint).

Down south in the LSA, Texas State will be sporting the new STX Cell II’s in white, gold, and maroon.

Shout out to Mikey for dropping these in the LAS Tipline!

At the D2 ranks, Davenport is preseason #1, rightfully so and the Coast Guard Academy announced their Team Captains for the 2012 season.

While Marshall isn’t an MCLA team, the NCLL is pretty close and they play Miami (OH) out of the GRLC D1. Anyhow, they sent us over some pictures of their 2012 game uniforms. The Team President, Calvin Britton designed these and sent them over, nicely done, sir.

Home and Away Jerseys for 2012

Games were played around the MCLA this past weekend at both the D1 and D2 ranks. Check out all the scores over at MCLA.us. There is one specifically we’d like you to note from Saturday.

Not the way I'd want to start my season.