Missouri Baptist likes new unis


Earlier today we received an email from the head coach of  Missouri Baptist University about a nice little gift he just gave to his players. Well this wonderful little gift came on the same day that MBU won an OT game against Wheaton in the GRLC playoffs after being down by two with short time left in regulation. Check out what Coach Joly said and then we’ll chat some more.

“Having a Red alternate third jersey is something the team has wanted to have for a little over two years now, it’s a part of the uniform that you can break out for huge games or special occasions. But over that time we’ve always come up a bit short in the budget and have to push it off in hopes of buying them next year.

After a lot of fundraising and becoming a STX/Nike team we were able to afford the Red. I put the order in without telling anyone except the other coaches and two seniors who could keep a secret, with the plan to break them out against a very tough Wheaton College team in the GRLC semifinals. Needless to say the team was psyched and I have to say I think it brought us a little extra luck.

MBU was down by two in the fourth trying to battle back, after finally sneaking a goal passed their very talented keeper, time began to run out. Wheaton cleared the ball into their offensive half and called time out with about 45 seconds left. We set-up a double team and won the ball back, cleared it and lost it again… After a loose ball scrap we came up with the ball, made a few quick passes and scored to tie the game with five seconds left in the game. Our face-off specialist won the overtime opening face-off so we called time to draw something up. I give all the credit to our offense who played with the poise it took to score the winning goal, MBU wins 9-8. This was our first overtime goal in our four year history as a program.”

MBU isn’t the first school to ever break out new, sharp-looking gear on the day of a big game, but that doesn’t make this any less special. It is little things like new jerseys, helmets and gloves that can give your players the extra boost of confidence they need to perform better on the day of a big game. Maybe it just helps to take their mind off the stresses of preparing for the game. You know what they say, “Look good, feel good, play good.” And this one definitely helped MBU to do all three of those things and win the GRLC playoffs and putting them in the #14 seed to face #3 St. Johns in the first round of the D2 MCLA Natty’s.

Pictures you say? Well of course we’ll give you pictures.

Full view of the front. Looks sharp, I love the use of the logo.

Close-up of the logo and front of the jersey.

Back of the jerseys. Is that? Oh yea, it is.

Ah yes, it is. Not a fan of tramp stamps, but that is about as classy as you can get for a tramp stamp. I like the subtlety of the ‘MBU’.

Artsy shot of the ‘MBU’ and the numbers.

These jerseys were very well executed. Nice job Coach Joly. Good luck to the Spartans at Natty’s.


  1. These had so much potential but came up short the red needs to be darker to match the rest of the school. Also head logo is awful if you look at Therese of the school it not even close to matching he should have just kept the old logo