MCLA Video Explosion


Even MORE MCLA content on this fine Tuesday morning! We have a great slate of videos from around the league to showcase for you.

Great hit or big cross check? You tell us! We’re siding with the latter, his hands are a dead giveaway.

Chapman took down UCSB this past weekend and The Lacrosse Network captured all the best highlights from the game.

Our friends over at LaxxTV also sent over a great bunch of videos for us to check out. We’ll start off first with a big hit from Simon Fraser vs Oregon game a while back. The ref called it clean, but was it? Let us know what you think the call should be!

SFU vs. Oregon highlights from their early season match-up. Oregon would win 9-8, but Fraser played a great game in the process. A great match-up from both teams and a very fun game to watch.

Brigham Young vs. Stanford, a classic Utah vs Cali match-up. BYU would take the game 13-7, but Stanford would put up a good fight. A few defensive changes from Stanford’s perspective could’ve changed the game.

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