MCLA On Demand


If many of you are like me, you are constantly disappointed with the lack of coverage for the MCLA tournament every year. Some of these schools are big names in the lacrosse community even though they aren’t NCAA varsity squads. Teams like BYU, Colorado, Colorado State, Westminster, St. Thomas, and other powerhouses of the MCLA take the sport as seriously as many NCAA programs and their play on the field shows it. This year we are fortunate enough to have the people over at the MCLA provide us with a full length look back at every single tournament game from 2013.

One of my favorite games from the tournament was the BYU Vs. Oregon quarterfinal, featuring a heated rivalry between two high powered offenses. Now you can watch your favorite teams with your buddies, or studiously observe your league rival for next year.

Click on the link below and start re-living the tournament instantly.

MCLA Tournament Games