Back of the Helmet Close-up

MCLA Gear Leak: New Coast Guard Academy Helmets

2 - Published March 5, 2012 by in Gear

The United State Coast Guard Academy (PCLL D2) lacrosse team received their new helmets for the 2012 season. They will be wearing new Cascade Pro7s and boy do they look sharp. Check out a brief description of them below…

Obviously, WHITE shell with ORANGE chin.  Jersey number on the left, BEAR PAW logo on the right in our NAVY/ORANGE & WHITE scheme. “COAST GUARD” across the back panel with our service motto “Semper Paratus” (latin for Always Ready) with a fouled anchor across the lower lip to give us a unique two-tone look.

We finish off the back panel sides with a subtle Coast Guard Shield and a small BEARS text across the ear hole.  On top, we went with a WHITE to ORANGE fade to give us a clean look from the front.  We finished off the back with our Fear the Bear in the Sailor Hat logo. Elevation Lacrosse manufactured the decals for us.  What else can I tell you…

Back of the Helmet Close-up

Front of the Helmet

Right side of the Helmet

Back of the Helmet

Left side of the Helmet

Top of the helmet

Oh so sweet! Nice work gentlemen!



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