MCLA Fan X Krossover Video Contest – UCSB


We recently released the exciting news about Lacrosse All Stars and Krossover teaming up to give 5 MCLA teams the chance to use Krossover’s service free of charge for the upcoming season. We asked teams to submit a 1 to 2 minute video showing why they deserve the account in any way they see fit. Over the next few days we will be posting the team videos on MCLA Fan and the MCLA Fan Facebook Page. 2 teams will be chosen by the Lacrosse All Stars head honchos. The remaining 3 teams will be chosen by YOU! Like your favorite videos here and on the fb page to ensure you can follow them throughout the 2012 season with highlight videos of every game!

The next entry comes to us from the University of California Santa Barbara Gauchos…

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Not an MCLA coach but still interested in Krossover? Use promo code “LASTV12″ for the LAS discount!


  1. somebody had to say and I’m glad it was us!
    If you can’t string a decent mesh pocket you are just lazy because, quite simply, it just isn’t that hard. and once you can string a decent pocket, you will learn how to string up a sweet bag in no time. then you move on to the traditional action, then you get the khakis, then you get the girl.

    this is particularly true for the guys who are ALWAYS fixing their stick (you know the guys I’m talking about). they do it before every game, in the middle of practice, etc. you know why? because they didn’t string their own sticks and they don’t know what the hell they are doing.

    Once you can string a stick to your own specs, you don’t have to adjust it as much. that’s just science. man up, embrace stringing and become a better player. sleeping with your stick doesn’t hurt either, just make sure to buy it breakfast.

  2. It is thanks to hard laboring jobs that I go to school. Commercial fishing up in Alaska each summer has not only paid for my college, but it has taught me a lot about working for everything you have and not being satisfied with anything less than your best effort. Mike Rowe has my vote.

    I remember when I first started playing, I thought learning to string your own stick was just another aspect of learning the game, so I have always done it myself.