MCLA Fan Photo of the Week


Now that the season is finally in full swing, great photos are flying around the Internet and we want to see them! Each week we will highlight the best photo from around the MCLA, but we need your help! We are recruiting all of YOU to submit your favorite photos from games, practices, and even just MCLA shenanigans.

Another week of some great action shots and very awkward mishaps on the field. As always though, we can only pick one.

Congratulations Nick Lyon ! The picture is of #4 Henry Bishop taking a diving shot against Washington State University. Henry may have had four goals on the game, but the Cougars would win the contest 16-11.

Week 6 Nick Lyon

The jury is still out on whether or not this shot went in. That defense does not look at bit interested though, in letting him through. Nicely done all around.

Nick, make sure to shoot us an email with your address and we’ll send you over some well-deserved LAS/MCLA Fan prizes. Think you have the next MCLA Fan Photo of the Week? Let us know!

Please only submit photos that you have taken or you have permission to use.

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