MCLA Fan Partners With Krossover For 2012 Lacrosse Season


Today we are excited to share a special opportunity for the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association community. We’re partnering with Krossover, a sports analytics video service, to gift 5 FREE accounts to 5 MCLA programs looking to boost their competitive advantage.

Krossover is sports highlights and statistics made easy! It breaks down your game film for you to save you time. The technology enables a coach to easily filter through video clips based on everything from goals and assists to ground balls and player-specific footage. Teaching your players and sharing with fans has never been this simple.

Through our partnership, five select MCLA teams will receive full access to all the benefits of Krossover’s Intelligence Platform. Here’s a quick rundown of the service:

The Krossover Sports Intelligence Platform is the only video editor that does the editing for you! Krossover tracks every possession in a game, saving you time, and making your analysis more effective. Coaches never have to break down their own film again.

Share game footage, highlights, and advanced statistics with your team and fans online. Exchange tape with conference and non-conference teams instantly. Access the videos and data from any computer (Mac or PC) or on select mobile devices.

In a nutshell, Krossover indexes every play of a lacrosse game. We’re talking rides, clears, scoring chances and attempts, shots and shot types, turnovers, groundballs, EMO and so much more.

Like what you’re reading? Head over to and give the service a try using their free demo.

Want your team to be one of the select few to receive a FREE account for the 2012 MCLA Lacrosse Season? We can help with that.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been contacting MCLA programs to offer them this exclusive opportunity. We’ve introduced the benefits of Krossover and asked each team to create a 1-2 minute video telling us why they deserve a free account. Once all videos are submitted to us, we plan to publish each entry right here on MCLA Fan for readers to watch and vote on which program will get the accounts.

The 3 programs with the most votes from readers will be receive an account. Meanwhile, the head honchos at LAS will be picking 2 programs of their choice as well. All together, this process is going to lead to 5 teams with a competitive advantage next season, and 5 weekly highlight films published on MCLA Fan. That’s right – every team that gets a Krossover account from us will also get their game highlights featured on our website weekly. Talk about a great opportunity for promoting your program!!!

So, here’s the deal. As noted above, we’ve extended invites out to a number of programs, but we have not contacted everyone. That said, anyone reading this post is more than welcome to contact us and get involved.

The catch? We need your entry video submitted by Monday, October 31st! This is an opportunity to share your team’s story throughout the 2012 season, and it all starts with you and your players telling us why your program deserves Krossover and the accompanied exposure.

So, if you’re interested, drop us a line at to tell us you’re going to submit a video. We’ll add your program to the list and look forward to receiving your video next Monday!


Not an MCLA coach but still interested in Krossover? Use promo code “LASTV12” for the LAS discount!