Making the Grade: LSA DII

Making the grade LSA Division 2

Coming up over the next few weeks we are going to review the schedules of each MCLA conference and assign a grade to each team. Grades are determined by the opinions of current and former MCLA coaches, players and officials which are based on strength of opponents, travel schedule, perceived risks and home vs. away factors.

The following teams are ranked in order of how they are expected to finish in the conference. Grades and projected results are based on the average score of the participating LaxAllStars judges.

Note: * indicates conference matchup, + indicates scrimmage

Sam Houston State University : 2013 (15 – 3)/(5 – 0)

Sam Houston State University-Mann

B | The Bearkats’ schedule is much more relaxed than last season, credibility comes from TCU on the road week 1 and taking a trip to Louisiana. Would rank higher if more DI or stronger opponents were scheduled. We expect back to back conference titles, but St. Edwards might have a different plan.

2/1 – Texas Christian (Away)
2/8 – Texas A&M Corpus Christi (Home)*
2/14 – Louisiana State (Away)
2/15 – UL Lafayette (Away)
2/22 – Tulane (Home)*
2/23 – Tulsa (Home)*
3/23 – Houston (Away)
4/5 – St. Edward’s (Home)*
4/12 – Stephen F Austin (Away)*

St. Edwards University : 2013 (4 – 8)/(4 – 1)

B- | Season will be defined by trip to Florida to play two teams that made last year’s playoffs. Lack of DI opponents kept St. Edwards grade from scoring higher. The winner of the LSA DII should be decided on April 5th, but anything can happen.

2/23 – Tulane (Home)*
3/1 – Stephen F Austin (Home)*
3/8 – Tulsa (Home)*
3/11 – Emmanuel (Away)
3/12 – St. Andrews (Away)
3/15 – Palm Beach Atlantic (Away)
3/29 – Texas A&M Corpus Christi (Home)*
4/5 – Sam Houston State (Away)*
4/13 – Houston (Away)

Tulane University : 2011 (2 – 9)/(1 – 4)

C | Tulane has not had a team in the MCLA for a few years now, but did not shy away from tougher opponents. They have 3 scrimmages scheduled for midseason which the scheduling may seem odd, but they are trying to get as many games as possible in. The outcome of their season is hard to predict, but quality opponents help boost the grade.

1/26 – Houston (Away)
2/1 – Stephen F Austin (Away)*
2/9 – Incarnate Word+
2/22 – Sam Houston State (Away)*
2/23 – St. Edward’s (Away)*
3/9 – UL Lafayette (Home)
3/16 – Louisiana State (Away)
4/5 – Albilene Christian (Home)+
4/6 – Tulsa (Away)*
4/12 – Texas A&M Corpus Christi (Home)*
4/13 – Texas A&M Galveston (Away)+

Stephen F Austin State University : 2013 (2 – 4)/(1 – 3)

C- | So far, they are going to challenging themselves by scheduling their two out of conference games against DI opponents. They take on Incarnate Word twice midseason, which we do not know much about. The lack of out of conference games have us longing for more.

1/31 – UL Lafayette (Away)
2/1 – Tulane (Home)*
2/15 – Arkansas (Away)
2/16 – Tulsa (Away)*
3/1 – St. Edward’s (Away)*
3/22 – Incarnate Word (Home)+
4/5 – Texas A&M Corpus Christi (Away)*
4/6 – Incarnate Word (Home)+
4/12 – Sam Houston State (Home)*

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi: 2013 (0 – 0)/(0 – 0) 

D | New squad but a good size schedule, although they play four scrimmages, their trip to Louisiana will be big for the program and catching a win on the road could be a huge milestone. We don’t expect the world from the Islanders, meaning this team could really raise some eyebrows with wins this season.

1/25 – Texas A&M Galveston (Home)+
2/8 – Sam Houston State (Away)*
2/15 – Incarnate Word (Home)+
3/22 – Albilene Christian (Home)+
3/29 – St. Edward’s (Away)*
4/5 – Stephen F Austin (Home)*
4/5 – Incarnate Word (Away)+
4/11 – UL Lafayette (Away)
4/12 – Tulane (Away)*
4/19 – Rice (Home)

University of Tulsa : New for 2013

D- | So far Tulsa only has one out of conference game scheduled for this season and a scrimmage in Texas. We hope they pick up more games so we can raise the grade, but as of right now, any opponents at all would do their season some good. Although they are a new program, so is Corpus Christi and they have had no problem filling in their schedule.

2/15 – Arkansas (Home)
2/16 – Stephen F Austin (Home)*
2/23 – Sam Houston State (Away)*
3/8 – St. Edward’s (Away)*
4/5 – Texas A&M Galveston (Away)+
4/6 – Tulane (Home)*

Next Up: LSA Division I North and South


  1. Connor,
    Great to meet you last weekend at Mardi Gras Tournament. Good article and pictures, I think you captured the spirit of the event pretty well. Most of the Baltimore sqaud got trapped in the Big Easy by the Mid-Atlantic blizzard and had to spend Superbowl Sunday with the crazies of the “Who Dat Nation” in the French Quarter!!!
    Several guys rented cars and drove back to Baltimore and made it home in a little under 24 hours. Most, just hunkered down and had a few more hurricanes at Pat O’Brians or handgrenades at Tropical Isle. Fortunately, I had business in New Orleans and stayed until Friday before getting back to Baltimore but not until I was almost trapped again by the unexpected snow and ice across the Southeast that almost scuttled my plane in Atlanta!!!
    Definately an experience that I would encourage anyone that runs a club team to try and organize a squad to do this tournament in the future. This tournament has great history and tradition dating back to the early 1970’s, so it’s one of the oldest running lacrosse tournaments around. I’ve been to Hawaii,Vail,Lake Placid, OC Maryland,New England Inv., Charm City and Bump & Grind over the years and think this one has something to offer over all of them!!!
    Hope to meet you again down the road,
    Coach Daley
    Baltimore Lacrosse Club