Making the Grade: Comparing, Ranking and Grading MCLA Schedules

Making the grade preview


Come one come all, it’s time to breakdown each and every MCLA schedule as they are currently listed on

Coming up over the next few weeks we are going to review the schedules of each MCLA conference and assign a grade to each team. Grades are determined by the opinions of current and former MCLA coaches, players and officials which are based on strength of opponents, travel schedule, perceived risks and home vs. away factors.


You can expect the following conferences rankings on the following days. Of course dates are subject to change.

1/6 – LSA DII
1/7 – LSA DI – North South
1/10 – SLC DII – North South
1/11 – SLC DI – North South
1/13 – SELC DII – NE NW
1/14 – SELC DII – SE SW
1/17 – SELC DI – NE NW
1/18 – SELC DI – SE SW
1/20 – CCLA DII – North South West
1/21 – CCLA DI
1/25 – WCLL DI, DII
1/27 – PCLL DII
1/28 – PCLL DI
2/1 – RMLC DI, DII
2/3 – GRLC DII – NE NW
2/4 – GRLC DII – SE SW
2/5 – GRLC DI – East West
2/8 – UMLC DI, DII
2/10 – PNCLL DII – North South
2/11 – PNCLL DI – North South


Teams are ranked in order of how they are expected to finish in the conference. Grades and projected results are based on the average score of the participating LaxAllStars judges.

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First Up (1/6): Lone Star Alliance Division II