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LSU Lacrosse
LSU lacrosse, a real brotherhood.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome the LSU men’s team to MCLAFan!  The Tigers are kicking off the season on Friday night against the tough and talented Texas A&M (led by attackman Chris Duin), and Ezra Winters is here to provide a little background on the Tigers’ fall, their prep for the spring, and an emotional loss of a former teammate that are dealing with.  We have the feeling it’s going to be a good year for LSU lax.

UPDATED: Because of torrential downpours, the LSU – Texas A&M game has been postponed.  Sad face.

The Honey Badger isn’t the Only One Who Takes What He Wants:

In the wake of LSU’s 0-21 defeat to Alabama in football, I offer you, our readers and supporters, a sliver of light in this time of darkness. Lacrosse season starts this weekend and LSU will be playing the first game in the MCLA (and ALL of college lacrosse) on Friday January 27, 2012.  Game time is 7:30pm, and the season kicks of at the Student Adventure Complex, which is located on River Rd.

Fall Review:

We had the largest turnout in the history of the program with 60+ players at tryouts this past fall. We currently have 43 men on our roster who all frequently show up to practice, with more hoping for the opportunity to tryout soon. I can honestly say that this is the most dedicated group I have had the privilege to play with during my time here at LSU so far.  We have not only seen an increase in talent, but an increase in effort from top to bottom.

If our team is one thing, it is hungry, and this is especially true with the return of an experienced defense that maintains the mindset that “every week is shark week,” but more of that will come later.  Of the 43 players, 20 are returners, with 13 having made at least one start last season. However, the freshman have come in and almost immediately molded with the veterans through continuous competition. These young guys are not to be taken lightly.

Our only game of the fall was against UL-L, in which we proved victorious after a hard fought battle by the Ragin Cajuns, ending with a Final score of 15-10.  It wasn’t the comfortable win I would have hoped it to be, but the scrimmage presented many bright spots that have been built upon as takeaway points.  One point being that we have learned how to finish games, which was lacking in previous seasons.

The Loss of a Friend, and Teammate:

Shortly after our victory however, the team suffered a very unfortunate event.  On December 9, 2011 our former teammate Jordan “Jordy” Christensen passed away in a car crash near his home in Baltimore, MD.

Jordy playing shutdown defense LSU lacrosse
Jordy playing shutdown defense. Photo By Boyd Crotchet

Last season Christensen was the only returner from the 2009 class. He played two seasons total for us before deciding to leave LSU and return home to Maryland for a year.  Jordy was a great teammate, an awesome friend, and an all-around amazing person. I don’t know, nor do I ever want to meet, a person who couldn’t help but smile around him.  He was always happy and encouraging.  Every night I would drive him to and from practice and every night he would without fail say something to make me laugh hysterically.  The drives to and from the SAC fields haven’t been and will never be the same again.  I was lucky to have known Jordan.

We will be wearing a sticker on our helmet to celebrate his memory throughout the season. He will undoubtedly weigh heavily on the hearts of all returning players as we work to achieve our goals this season.  Thank you for everything Jordy, you are missed.

LSU Lacrosse
LSU lacrosse, a real brotherhood.


In the harsh 72 degree winter we completed the first ever LSU Lacrosse training camp. Every morning we practiced from 7-9 am at the UREC and every night we practiced from 6-8 pm at the SAC fields a week before the beginning of the Spring semester. After a hard week of work we came out the most preseason prepared LSU Lacrosse side ever assembled. We finally wish to earn some much overdue respect in the Lone Star Alliance. Aiming to do away with somehow being ranked behind teams we have beaten convincingly the previous season.

But we must face the facts. LSU Lacrosse will be in its 39th year of existence this season and we have never won against Texas A&M. Last year we made the trip to College Station and took the Aggies head on for all the marbles.  With early injuries to top 2010 MCLA Regular Season Goal Scorer Jake Most and the sensational faceoff specialist Tim Trahan, we fell just short of making the LSA playoffs. Ever since the moment we walked off their field though, we have looked forward to playing the Aggies again.

The stakes have been raised much higher this year in our division. With the move of Baylor to the North, less room for error in the LSA South has been left. It is simple, win two and you are in. Simply having winning records is not enough for us anymore. It is the playoffs or bust for us as we move forward as a program, and Texas A&M is standing in our way.

So as we continue to regroup and tend to our wounds we must keep three truths in mind. We all continue to bleed purple, live gold, and forever support LSU.

So from me to you, see you on Friday!!!!!!  Geaux Tigers!



  1. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend and teammate.  My condolences to his family and friends.  Your lacrosse teammates are like family – mine were.

    I do have to take issue with your comment about never having beaten Texas A & M.  While I played at LSU (1974-1978), we never lost to the Aggies, either their A Team or their B Team – we usually played them both each season.  My last game as a Tiger was actually in Kyle Field – we won, 4-3.

    It was very exciting to hear that you have 43 guys on the roster.  That must be great – we usually could muster 20 or so dedicated players for practices and games,  Yes, our middies ran themselves ragged.

    Keep up the posts about the team – it is usually very difficult to get any news about LSU lacrosse other than scores.

    Geaux Tigers!!!