Krossover x MCLA Fan Contest Winners


The day has finally come, our 2012 Krossover x MCLA Fan contest winners have been determined! We know we said the 26th, but wisdom teeth removal postponed it until today. Nonetheless, we have ourselves 5 very lucky programs – 3 determined by fan votes and 2 picked by LAS staff.

The Final Standings

ALABAMA – 330 fan votes

MO BAP. – 266  fan votes

UC SANTA CRUZ – 206  fan votes

Minnesota – 128 fan votes

Saint Mary’s – 73  fan votes

PBAU – 36  fan votes

Oregon – 15  fan votes

IU – 6  fan votes

UCSB – 2  fan votes

Congratulations to Alabama, Missouri Baptist, and UC Santa Cruz for locking in the most fan votes and earning themselves their very own Krossover accounts for the 2012 season! We will be emailing each program individually to let you know what the next steps are in setting up the accounts.

As we mentioned, the LAS team is choosing the other 2 teams that receive accounts. We are pleased to announce that Indiana and Oregon will join the other 3 teams as Krossover members. LAS staffers chose these two programs based on current relations (Indiana players currently blog on the LAS network and support LAS everywhere they go!) and strength of schedule (Oregon’s 2012 lineup includes many Top 20 match-ups, which will make for GREAT video content). LAS is also working to secure an additional account to offer one of the teams above, so stay tuned for another announcement soon *hopefully*!

We want to extend a huge MCLA Fan and Lacrosse All Stars thank you to all the programs who participated. Each did an extraodinary job on their videos and we are thrilled to be able to feature them on our site throughout the 2012 season. Remember, if you’re interested in using Krossover but didn’t you win, you can still use the promo code “LASTV12” to receive a discount via the banner below.

We can’t wait for the season to start!


Not an MCLA coach but still interested in Krossover? Use promo code “LASTV12″ for the LAS discount!