Jeff Saturday, Colts

Jeff’s Saturday’s

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Jeff Saturday, Colts

Editor’s Note: Jeff “Saturday” Redish, LSM for IU, checks in on Super Bowl Sunday.


Howdy Folks!

Well, we’ve almost made it a week here at LRA, and it’s sure been an eventful one and one we won’t soon forget. Here are some Highlights:

Monday: My boy Helfri¢h kicks LRA off with our 1st post introducing the LRA crew, we are first warned of the snow/icepocalypse, late night practice at the Cougar, and the gift exchange with a 2nd pair o’ mittens surprise.

Tuesday: Icepocalypse begins in Bloomington and study tables are cancelled.

Wednesday: Introduced to Trefzguy Tuesday’s, Icepocalypse shuts down campus for half of the day, Tom Pritchard dunks over the entire state of Minnesota (see clip below), IU BBall beats Minnesota 60-57 the 2nd top 25 team in a week.

Thursday:  Peter “Pan” Moore aka “Pan the man” lets us enter his lax filled mind, Tom Pritchard’s Dunk is the number 1 top play on Sportscenter (then moves down 2 spots for some reason), Stars-Bruins game 3 fights in first 4 seconds, Pacers are undefeated under interim coach Frank Vogel (for you Ocho), Another late night in the Cougar.

Friday:  Mike Shagi talks about this year’s team and its changed attitude

Saturday: Matt Anderson teaches us to Live.Love.Lax.Dance. and rips apart half my wardrobe, Will Sheehey posterizes Iowa’s Melsahn Basabe (unfortunately the Hoosiers fell apart in the end. Hey “It’s Indiana… It’s Indiana.”)

Ben Stiller

Facial La Fleur, total facial!

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husband cause we dunking on everybody and all y’all out here!

So finally Jeff’s Saturday’s are here! (yeah yeah we know it’s Sunday but c’mon it’s our first gig on this rodeo they call the interweb or whatever.) Not to worry though, your favorite UNC alum and starting Pro Bowl center for the Indianapolis Colts will be posting on the best day of the week (Saturday) from here on out.


So, yeah, we are a day behind here at LRA, but what better day to have my first post than on Super Bowl Sunday? I have to say I’m very pumped for Super Bowl XLV mainly for three reasons.  1. Great matchup. Two storied franchises and two great teams take the stage for the world’s biggest game. 2. Former IU star Quarterback and one of my favorite athletes of all time, Antwaan Randle El, will be playing for his second ring (should be a QB, see below).  3. The big game is being hosted by my hometown, Dallas, Texas (Well Arlington if ya wanna be nitpicky).

To quote Rapper Bun B, “Now if you never been to Texas, it’s a picture to paint. Cause we doing it real big, in case you thinking we ain’t.” (Won’t be the last time we hear from Bun in this post). You know that this is going to be an epic Super bowl because we do it big in Texas and the Super Bowl is as big as it gets baby.

Although there are many reasons to be excited for XLV I do wish my Colts were playing in Jerry World tonight.  At least I can sit back and actually enjoy the game this year (Super Bowl’s with your team playing are way too nerve-racking).  It’s cool we got commercials to do anyways.

Peyton Manning, Colts

So if you haven’t stopped reading at this point you’re probably a little confused as to why I mention the Colts and Jeff Saturday.  Quick story short, Dad/family is from Indy therefore I’m a Colts fan.  My name is Jeff and I post on Saturday’s most of the time. I am from Dallas, but you’d probably think I’m from Indiana just based on the teams I support (Colts, Pacers, Hoosiers)

So still not convinced I’m a Texan?

Cowboy boots

My boots.


The eyes of Texas are upon me.

Dallas Stars flag

Hopefully this is enough evidence.  Proud Texan here.

For people who haven’t been to Dallas, or Texas for that matter, just based on stereotypes you’d probably think I was the most unorthodox Texan you’d ever met, and heck I probably would be.  I don’t own any guns, I don’t ride a horse, and I play lacrosse.

I hope the fact that I play lacrosse and I’m from Texas doesn’t surprise you too much.  Yep Texas Lax is growing right before the rest of the country.  Heck, Texas is a country in itself (we should secede from the U.S) and lacrosse has become very, very popular.  I played in what many consider the hot bed of Texas Lacrosse, the North District aka George W (Pronounced: Dubya), Mark Cuban, and Chuck Norris’s hood.  But that claim could be argued in the upcoming year(s), as the rest of the state seems to be catching up.

I really enjoyed my time playing high school lacrosse in Texas.  Definitely more mentions of my Texas lacrosse experience in posts to come.  As well as information about teams west the mighty Mississippi as the season progresses.

Having had an incredible high school lacrosse experience, I knew I wanted to continue playing in college.  Representing IU is kind of funny to me because I always grew up rooting for the Hoosiers, and now I am one.  Yeah yeah even though it’s club it’s still kind of cool.  Not to mention I had enough Indiana swag before I got here, but now with lax I got IU ‘paraphernail’ out the buhjeezus.  Now beginning my 3rd season with the team I’ve been more than hooked up with gear, especially this year.  Coach T has made sure we look as good as we should play, which I commend.  I’m not the kid on the team who obsesses and critiques the gear we get (I leave that to Shagilstein), but even I know we’re gunna look pretty crispy this season. Definitely an upgrade from my 1st season with the team.

Then (2009):

Will McClain

Pictured left to right: Alex Gray (2009 alum), William McClain (Class of 2011), Matt Anderson (Class of 2012).

Trust me, I know how you feel Billiam. Nobody was happy with the gear situation that year.  Seriously looks like we made those jersey’s ourselves. Still have it hanging up on the wall though.

Now (2011):

Indiana Hoosiers lacrosse

Picture courtesy of 412 Lax

Now that’s what’s up! IU lax is killing it! Absolutely killing it. Draped up and dripped out, know what I’m talkin’ bout. Etc. etc. etc. I literally didn’t make up anything I just wrote regarding our gear. Thanks to Urban Dictionary , LAS Connor Wilson (see tweet below), and once again my fellow Texan Bun B(check the vid son)

Connor Wilson Lacrosse All Stars

Not even a week in and we’re already all over the social network scene. All about networking son.  LRA is nearing 412 Lax on followers (not really). Thanks for the tweet and shout out, Connor.

Well I feel like I’ve probably gone off on a Texas sized rant, but I just wanted to share a little more of my personal/lacrosse background.

Switching to the main topic, IU lacrosse.  I could not be more excited for this season to start.  IU has a great group of guys that are beginning to buy in to what Coach T is preaching.  It’s quite a turn around from seasons past. We have to set a standard for this year and future years. Coach T is creating a new mentality for club lacrosse here at IU and I’m just happy I’ll be here the next two years to help this program get to the next step.  Will be showing you that process exclusively here on LRA this season.

Right now I’ve got Virginia/Carolina on my mind.  That first weekend is a huge test to see where we measure with the rest of the MCLA.  We plan on making some noise.

Gotta put this on the playlist for the bus ride to the eastern shore. Don’t hate on JT.

Hope y’all have a splendid Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll be here next Saturday.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

blow up texas guy

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