Is A Passion For Lacrosse Enough?

9 - Published February 2, 2012 by in Commentary

We discovered this video from the Oklahoma State (LSA D2) squad down in Stillwater, OK. A Sports Media Major from the University put together a great piece on one of the bigger obstacles that is faced by all MCLA schools – the majority of their funds comes from the players and supporters of the team, with very little additional funding coming directly from the school.

In this case though, the Cowboys only receive $800 from the University to help fund their season – and that’s less than the majority of most teams’ individual player dues!  With home games costing $550 a piece and up to $650 for each time they travel, the Cowboys had to make the move to D2 to help offset their costs. Things look to be getting better for OSU though, as they will play in 12 games this season, traveling throughout Texas and Oklahoma for six of them.

This brings up some very serious questions that many MCLA teams are faced with every year:

How are we going to field, and pay for, our team?

Is the team’s passion for lacrosse enough to get them through the season?  

The cost to field a team in the MCLA is only increasing due to raising gas prices, increases in ref fees, and just trying to outfit your team with gear and uniforms.  Add in the value (and cost) of traveling to play other competitive teams and multiple road trips, and costs can spiral out of control quickly.

The light in all of this though, is that there are 211 other schools between D1 and D2 that have experienced, and hopefully overcome, the same, or very similar, problems.

Since we don’t believe in just complaining, let’s offer up some help to our fellow MCLA laxers, shall we?!?!?!

How does YOUR team help to offset the ever-rising costs of ref fees, lacrosse pads, travel, jerseys, lacrosse helmets, and everything else it takes to play a full season of our of favorite game?

Taking the time out to drop a comment on this post could be the difference maker for another MCLA squad out there.  Let’s do what we can to Grow The Game right here!


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