Introduction To Life As I Know It

Indiana Hoosiers, Adrian Bulldogs

Indiana Hoosiers, Adrian Bulldogs

Editor’s Note: Peter Moore of LacrosseRoads of America shares a little about himself.


This is my first post on the Lacrosse Roads of America and I thought it would be a good idea to start it off by giving you, the reader, and insight look into my head.  It is not a scary place, my imagination, but one that is different than most, it is constantly revolving around lacrosse.  Which in some perspective means awesomeness.  A pencil could hit the ground in class and immediately you can hear a “I’ve got man” call from my seat.  It is just a reaction a nature vs. nurture thing that happens to me.

I believe this has come from years of lacrosse playing.  I began in fourth grade with a close group of friends and we stayed together all through high school.  I decided to start playing the position of goalie in fifth grade, when I was too slow to play any other position.  This could is one of the better decision I have ever made.  I immediately fell in love with the idea of having all the pressure on me to win a game, and the fact that everyone would be watching me.  It made the game even more exciting than it already was.

After high school I decided it best for me, not just in lacrosse, but also academically to attend a very small D3 school called Adrian College.  It was a different experience than I had imagined college to be.  I enjoyed my classes as well as lacrosse there, but it was just not what I had wanted college to be.  I am quite okay with how my overall college experience has come to be, with the year at Adrian and the process of transferring to Indiana University.  I definitely needed the year at Adrian to mature in the classroom and in real life, to be able to succeed now at Indiana.

Now that lacrosse is official started here at Indiana, I feel that a little compare and contrasting would be an appropriate thing to do, between Adrian College and Indiana University, in terms of lacrosse.

It is cold outside both in Bloomington and Adrian in early January, and at Adrian practicing outside was a necessity.  Here in Bloomington we have the privilege of the John “Cougar” Mellencamp Pavilion.  It is an enormous indoor practice facility and makes January and February practice so much more survivable.

The practice schedules between the two schools are much different.  At Adrian last year we started the second week back from winter break, same as here at Indiana.  Although at Adrian our first game was not till March 6, about two month of hitting each other before ever stepping onto the field against a different opponent.  This was tough because practice was six days a week.  By the middle of February everyone wanted to just play a real game.  Six days a week of practice is just the way I like it.  I enjoy playing lacrosse, and eight days a week is how I would prefer it.  Down in Bloomington however, we only get to practice three days a week, it is quite unfortunate, but with the amount of schoolwork, it seems to be just right.  Practice is only an hour and a half, which just does not seem like enough time to be able to just lax.

Both schools I have attended were and are great to me.  I had to go through one to get to the next and that is perfectly fine by me.  I cannot wait to get this season started just like any other season.  I am also way excited to write for this blog.  This was a post on the more serious side of the writing, in the future the posts will be lighter hearted, as well as with photos, videos, and more.  Be excited cause I am for sure!