Inside The Program – Florida Men’s Lacrosse


Florida Men's Lacrosse

A couple of weeks ago, MCLA Fan featured a trailer from video producer Josh Lane for a short documentary film called Inside the Program – Florida Men’s Lacrosse. Today, Josh released the full 10 minute film on his YouTube Channel. Check it out below.

A short-form documentary giving an all-access look inside the University of Florida Men’s club Lacrosse 2012 fall ball season. The documentary briefly visits the history of the program, the importance of fall ball, and a feature on Head Coach Ryan Winters. The film then takes you into the preparation leading up to the annual Florida/FSU fall game and along with the team on gameday of the great state rivalry. Directed, filmed, and edited by Josh Lane. Musical credits are at the end of the film.

Assuming you watched the full thing, we’d love to hear your take on the Florida men’s lacrosse program in the comments section below. What were you surprised by? How do the Gators compare to other MCLA teams? Know any other MCLA coaches like Ryan Winters?