Illinois State University: 2013 Season Outlook


Ed Cimoch, the head men’s lacrosse coach at Illinois State University, stops by the MCLA Fan office for a quick rundown on what to expect from the Redbirds during the 2013 season. Illinois State competes in the Great Rivers Lacrosse Conference at the MCLA Division 1 level. Keep up to date with the ISU Lax homepage.

What are 3 words that describe your team this year?
Ready to Compete.
How many players tried out for the team this year?
Roster size by position
– Attack: 6
– Midfielders: 16
– Defenders: 12
– Goalies: 2
Roster size by year in school
– Freshmen: 8
– Sophomores: 10
– Juniors: 9
– Seniors: 9
Where do the majority of your players come from?
Team Captains
In the fall our captains were Dan Spethman (M), Jay Clarke (M), and Dan Pauly (D).
This spring we are going to move some pieces around so those players who feel they deserve a closer look will need to step up and prove it. Spethman, Clarke, and Pauly are undoubted leaders of our team but we have a lot of young and hungry players looking to get noticed.
Can you tell us a little about your team’s goals for the upcoming season?
The goal we set at the beginning of the season is to win the GRLC.
As a traditional club team (low budget and very little University support) this means more than just the conference title to us; this personifies an entire culture change for the program. A GRLC title would speak volumes about the commitment that these players have made to Illinois State Lacrosse Program.
What’s one thing you’re most excited about?
Rule changes.
I’m excited to hopefully see a more fluid / less coached style of play. I think you are going to see a lot of one way middies get stuck on the field against teams that can move the ball well in transition. Players will need to adapt in order to remain impactful on both ends of the field.
Who will be the toughest teams to play in your conference this year? Why?
Traditionally we have considered U of I (Illinois) to be an in-state rival so that game is always highlighted on the calendar. However, this season two teams that have really caught our attention have been Iowa and Wisconsin. There programs have really developed over the past few years and they have been able to draw a broad pool of talent.
The great thing about the GRLC is that there never is a decided favorite. We feel we’ve put together a very competitive schedule so it will all depend on how much we’ve come together at that point in our schedule.
Are there any other MCLA programs that you would compare yours to?
Illinois State University
What’s your prediction for the 2013 MCLA Final Four?
There are always schools you know are going to be in the mix (ASU, BYU, CSU). I am more interested in seeing the rising programs get thrown into the shuffle. Some schools on my list of teams to watch are Mich. St., Pitt, and U. Minn- Duluth .