Highlights: Richmond vs. Virginia Tech


Earlier this morning, Connor Wilson showcased what may possibly end up being the best assist of 2013. The guy is falling to the ground and still makes a great pass to the cutting attackman – very Steele Stanwick-esque.

If you want to check out all the other highlight reel goals from the game, you’re in luck. LaxxTV and LaxKings put together a stellar video for us to watch.

“A very good game straight from the SELC conference. Richmond took on Virginia Tech at home on March 2cd. Through the first half, the game was pretty even, with Richmond up by 1. Virginia Tech EXPLODED in the 3rd quarter, dropping 5. Richmond couldn’t come back, and Virginia Tech went home with the win.

This could very well be the match-up in for the SELC championship. I would look to Richmond to go out with a bang, as this is there last year in the MCLA. Of course, it will take transition to develop into a well rounded D1 team, but Richmond is on the right track. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Virginia Tech sponsors lacrosse soon, as their team has been quite successful over the past few years. VT for 2017?”

Virginia Tech won the game 8-6 and sits at 4-2 (2-0 SELC D1) and Richmond at 3-2 (2-1 SELC D1).

How about that goal at 2:32? Talk about ‘no angle’. Don’t miss the rewind/replay to follow it.

Great offering by LaxxTV and LaxKings.


  1. LOL – You are kidding right? Title 9??? All the money goes to football budget. By law (Ridiculous Title 9) it must be equal for the girls sports – so even though not that many girls are involved in sports, they dump all this cash into the girl’s programs. The girls get scholarships, plane tickets, plush hotel rooms, anything they want. Meanwhile, the guys have to PAY to play Lax, pay for all of their meals, etc. And I’m a girl…unbelievably unfair to the guys Lax team, but it won’t change. Really stupid, because you’re right, the guys Lax team rocks.