Georgia Laxin’

Attackman Trent Dean who scored the winning goal

University of Georgia Lacrosse… few people know that the school actually has a team and someone today asked me if it was the game you play on a horse-but despite this my love for the game keeps me coming back every year for more.

Even though I’m just a “club” athlete, the time and dedication required for the sport is much more than most think.

So after starting off the season 0-5, everyone was beginning to question if all this effort was for naught. Nobody wanted to start off 0-6 after a loss for Virginia Tech, but they’re a great team and it was going to be a very tough game.

Our FOGO Phil Seo, featured in Inside Lacrosse

We were coming off of Spring Break, and also a 9-8 loss from Florida (they scored the winning goal with 12 seconds left), so needless to say things weren’t looking bright.

Despite the thunderstorms, we were able to get the game going once the sky cleared up. Things started off our way for once with the face-offs going great and getting a few points on the board ahead of VA Tech.

Freshman Goalie Charlie Blakely

The game was very much back and forth, with UGA leading for the most part. With just over minute left, VA Tech scored to tie the game. Tensions were high, and it didn’t help knowing that VA Tech had managed to beat us by one the past two years (and last year was in OT).

Attackman Trent Dean who scored the winning goal

Our offense managed to pull through though and we got the go-ahead goal with less than half a minute left. The sideline went wild and then we just wanted to hold our lead for our first W.

Needless to say, the team went crazy once the clock hit 0:00. Everyone rushed the field to go get the Charlie-it was about time we’d gotten a win. It felt like a weight was off my shoulders, but despite the win we were going to have to get back in the grind for Clemson and then all four of our division games.


But now it’s time for Monday practice. Check back in later this week and I’ll have coverage from the Clemson-Ole Miss-Bama weekend.

About me:

I’m Brett Boto, a sophomore defenseman at UGA and this is my second year playing lacrosse here. I started playing lacrosse my freshman year of high school in Alpharetta, GA. I instantly loved the game and it’s really changed my life and has continued to become more involved with the game.