Frequent Flyer Miles: Western Collegiate Lacrosse League

Written by Hilsgen

Hilsgen takes us acrosse the country for the next stop on his MCLA preview tour!

Time for another conference preview!

This edition brings us to the other side of the country as we visit the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League (WCLL). The WCLL isn’t as strong as in recent years, when the SLC was still a part of it. They are getting better, though, as we will soon see.

‘Tis the new year and that means only one thing: the lacrosse season is nearly upon us.  It also means that I will be giving all of you a look into the schedules of all 100+ MCLA Division 2 teams.

We’re going to use a slightly different format than last year. Instead of focusing entirely on a team’s out of conference schedule, we’re going to look at the whole thing. The grading system will be similar: A-F, depending on certain minimum criteria. A grade may be bumped up, depending on the quality of the games.

A: This team went above and beyond the minimum league requirement of 2 out of conference games.

B: This team went above the minimum league requirements of 2 out of conference games.

C: This team met the minimum requirement of 2 out of conference games.

D: This team only scheduled one out of conference game.

F: This team failed to schedule any out of conference games.


Humboldt starts the season off right with an OOC game. I like the style. It’s not necessarily a very tough conference, but they bolster their SOS a little bit.


UC – Merced

Do you see nothing but conference games? I see nothing but conference games.



Nevada is a D1 team parading as a D2 team, and you can tell with this schedule. They have a few D1 teams on the slate, but manage to get above the bare minimum of D2 OOC games. They’re lucky the SLC is so close.



Only one OOC game. Biola is pretty good, though.


San Jose State

San Jose State is another team masquerading as a D2 team. They open with 2 D1 games, then have 4 OOC games throughout. Traveling to Southern Oregon for just one game, so I’ll give them some credit.


UC – Santa Cruz

The Banana Slugs live up to their billing as the WCLL’s top team. They’ve got games vs the SLC, RMLC, and the PNCLL for a nice mix of competition. Quality teams, too.  Last year’s runner-up and a former National Champion


Saint Mary’s

St. Mary’s is likely the WCLL’s second best team, and like Santa Cruz, they have a good mix of games across the country. They open with a 4 game road trip across the country to Georgia to take on the SELC’s finest, then come home to host some good OOC throughout the rest of their schedule.


As a whole, the conference is pretty average. I do like that their teams are willing to travel. It’s a trend I’ve noticed for teams out west. They also don’t shy away from scheduling as hard as they can. I’d like to see more of it throughout the country.


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