Fall Ball Report: Michigan State University


Editor’s note: After the success of our “Growing the Program” series last year, we knew we had to follow up with another league-wide update. So, this Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. We’re asking questions about try-outs, players to watch, team promotion, coaching changes and everything this side of the Mississippi. With that, here come our Fall Ball Reports!

Each report will feature a different MCLA team, touching on the importance of Fall Ball and anticipation of the 2012 season – which is just a few months away!

Today we’re speaking with Coach Hicks of Michigan State University.

MCLA Fan: How many players attended team tryouts this Fall?

Coach Hicks: 87.

What is your team’s Fall practice schedule?

We are going three days a week.

What is your team’s Fall game/tournament schedule?

Oct 2, Albion College/Western Michigan

Oct 8, Grand Valley State University

Oct 29, Dayton University

Nov 5, MSU Alumni Game

What aspect(s) of your team do you hope to most improve upon from last year?

We lost one or two major players in every position, so we are using this fall to see who will fill the gaps and become our key players.

Who are the top 5 players we should be paying attention to this season?

Wes Binder, Senior, Defense, 33. One of the best defensemen in the CCLA.

Mike Baily, Senior, Attack, 16. Quick and great hands. Will be tough to cover.

Pat Green, Junior, Midfield, 36. Great all-around player. Returning AA.

Tyler Ryan, Senior, Midfield. Big, strong and fast. Will be hard to cover 1vs1.

What are you doing to promote your program on campus and in the community?

Lacrosse is the fourth most popular sport on campus (football, basketball, hockey, lacrosse). We normally get between 400-600 people to every game. Last year for the Michigan game, we got about 3K. We are coaching youth lacrosse every week at Total Sports in Wixom, MI.

What are your program’s top 3 goals for the upcoming 2012 season?

1. Unforced errors will be less than 10 per game.

2. Win the CCLA Championship

3. Compete for the National Championship

Thanks so much for speaking with us Coach Hicks. Good luck this season!