Fall Ball Report: Concordia University


Editor’s note: After the success of our “Growing the Program” series last year, we knew we had to follow up with another league-wide update.  So, this Fall we’re hitting the streets in search of new information about teams around the MCLA. We’re asking questions about try-outs, players to watch, team promotion, coaching changes and everything this side of the Mississippi. With that, here come our Fall Ball Reports!

Each report will feature a different MCLA team, touching on the importance of Fall Ball and anticipation of the 2012 season – which is just a few months away!

First up, we’ve got a full update from Coach Will McMinn at Concordia College!

How many players attended team tryouts this Fall?

Coach McMinn32

What is your team’s Fall practice schedule?

We practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What is your team’s Fall game/tournament schedule?

On October 15th we will play in a few round robin scrimmages with LMU and Whittier.

What aspect(s) of your team do you hope to most improve upon from last year?

We are hoping to do a better job of keeping on the boys regarding their academics as well as learning and implementing our offensive and defensive systems and philosophy at a higher level. Last, but certainly not least, would be to gain more depth at all positions.

Who are the top 5 players we should be paying attention to this season?

Destin Seguin, #21 – He is a sophomore attackman and captain. He is a tremendous feeder and finisher.

GM Ciallella, #77 – He is a senior goalkeeper and also a captain. He is a terrific stopper and fearless in the cage.

Steven Kassity, #16 – He is a junior midfielder and another captain. He is one of the best athletes on the field and has incredible heart and understanding of the game. He’s also a very strong finisher.

John Brereton, #22 – He is a senior midfielder who is very strong, athletic, and has a deadly shot with both hands.

Kurt Little, #31 – He is a senior defenseman and our last captain. He is very strong and athletic and is the heart and soul of our defense.

Have there been any changes to your coaching staff? If so, please fill us in…

Right now we have the same staff with possibly an addition or two – we are still working on the finalizing things.

What are you doing to promote your program on campus and in the community?

Community service projects are a big one. We undertook a significant campus improvement project, help freshmen move into the dorms and other things like that. We also offer free clinics for youth and high school teams and players in our local area.

What are your program’s top 3 goals for the upcoming 2012 season?

1. Become better men in all respects, and serve God with all our hearts.

2. Represent Concordia University with excellence and honor on the field, in the classroom, around campus, and in the community.

3. Win the MCLA Division 2 National Championship.

Thanks for your time Coach McMinn! Good luck to you and the Eagles this year.