CU Buffs Help Rebuild Colorado


Boulder, Colorado suffered immensely from the floods that swept the state. The home of the Colorado University Buffaloes faced over $49 million dollars in damage to date, and the estimates continue to grow daily.

The Buffs’ men’s lacrosse team saw the tragedy as a call to action. More than 50 student athletes took to the Boulder streets to lend a helping hand. These scholar athletes were received with open arms and welcomed in to the community.

They helped with removing drywall, insulation, kitchens, bathrooms and even a fireplace. The experience became personal when the athletes actually got to work on the front lines of the recent disaster.

Mitchell Fenton, a junior goalie, spearheaded the effort. He remembered the times when the situation got almost a bit too real,

It was terrible digging through four inches of mud and finding an older couple’s wedding album.

CU Buffalo Flood Relief
Buffs work together

If you would like to help the Boulder area continue to rebuild, please visit the Boulder floor relief website to learn how you can do your part.

We thank the Buffalo lacrosse family for stepping up and helping out their fellow man. Well done CU, keep paying it forward!