Clemson Lacrosse Fall Ball Update & Spring Schedule

Clemson Mens Lacrosse 2010 fall ball lax
Clemson Fall Ball in 2010.

Editor’s Note: Clemson’s Lacrosse club has decided to take the plunge and blog with the LaxAllStars network this year.  You’ll be able to find their updates and posts right here on MCLA Fan!  They saw how much exposure, conversation and interest that writing with us could generate, and they wanted to show the world they steps and improvements being made down South!  Want to follow Clemson’s lead and blog with MCLA Fan?  Email us at!


Fall ball at Clemson has finally started to heat up as we began our scrimmages against opponents last week.  We scrimmaged Wofford last Sunday, and the coaches were fairly pleased with the results, all things considered.  Thanks again to Wofford for coming out to play us; we really appreciate the visit.

Some new guys really stepped up and produced for us in the absence of some of the older guys.  Freshman Steve Smith and Sophomore Mike Maher stood out as possible contributors at midfield, with both of them producing points in the scrimmage.  The defense looked solid and our goalies all stood tall in net.  It was parents weekend as well here at Clemson that weekend so we got to have some of the new families meet the coaches and finally see us play.

Clemson Mens Lacrosse 2010 fall ball lax
Clemson Fall Ball in 2010.

In addition to the lacrosse, many of us were saying that the Florida State – Clemson football game (last Saturday) was one of the best football game I’ve seen so far in Death Valley.  Game day is easily one of the best things about choosing a large, southern school.  When your team beats Florida State of all teams, it makes it that much sweeter.  If you’ve yet to experience “the hill” and all of the other traditions of Clemson football, I suggest you make an attempt to at least once in your life.

This week in practice, we started to finally put in some of our basic defense and offensive sets so our new guys could learn what we generally set up in.  Some of the practices have been a little slow moving but thats to be expected when we’re trying to get acclimated to new sets.  Our offense has really done a great job of pushing the defense, as most of our seniority and leadership rests on the offensive end. We’re continuing to get better and growing as a team.

I included our schedule down below as well. We’ve really improved our competition this year and it’s easy to see that we will be playing a variety of better, out of conference opponents.  We play 6 teams that were ranked in the top 25 end of season poll.  A big step for our program is taking our big trip out west to Colorado.  We can’t wait to play a top ranked team from out West.

Alright I’m writing this as my roommates are trying to get ready to go to Virginia Tech. I’m hoping for a great weekend in Blacksburg, Virginia and another Clemson football win. I’ve got to run so until next time, be sure to follow us on twitter @ClemsonLacrosse or on facebook at Clemson Men’s Lacrosse.

1/28           College of Charleston                Clemson, SC
2/3             NC State                                       Raleigh, NC
2/4            ECU                                                Greenville, NC
2/5            Highpoint (Scrimmage)             Highpoint, NC
2/10          Boston College                             Clemson, SC
2/12          UCF                                                Clemson, SC
2/17          Texas A & M                                  Savannah, GA
2/18         SCAD                                               Savannah, GA
2/25         Florida State                                  Clemson/Greenville, SC
2/26         Wake Forest                                  Clemson, SC
3/2           Georgia Tech                                 Greenville, SC
3/4           Miami of Ohio                               Greenville, SC
3/10         Buffalo                                            Clemson, SC
3/16         Colorado                                         Boulder, CO
3/17         University of New Hampshire    Boulder, CO
3/18         Nebraska                                        Boulder, CO
3/29        Missouri                                         Clemson, SC
3/30       University of South Carolina      Columbia, SC
4/7          Virginia Tech                                Clemson, SC
4/14        Auburn                                           Auburn, AL
4/15        Alabama                                        Tuscaloosa, AL

4/27-4/29 SELC Tournament                  Johns Creek, GA