Clemson Lacrosse Blog: Taking Our Talents Out West + New GEAR!

FSU Lacrosse Clemson Tigers Lax
Clemson wants to get back in the W column.
FSU Lacrosse Clemson Tigers Lax
Clemson wants to get back in the W column.

Last Saturday, SUNY Buffalo came down to play us in a night game.  At the time we were ranked #12 and they were ranked #14 so needless to say it was a pretty big game.

The first half of the game was a close contest, with both teams battling back and forth.  From my memory they seemed to score a lot in un-settled situations or off of a groundball scramble.  It seemed like we weren’t playing too badly at this point.  We did have a few turnovers and our shots weren’t finding the back of the net, but it wasn’t anything to be too terribly worried about.  We ended the first half up by one goal, with the score 5-4.

In the second half, we seemed to really just fall apart.  Everyone on the team made mistakes all over the field and we just didn’t look great.  I made a crucial mistake in the 3rd quarter on a clear that ended up costing our team a goal.  Some of our offensive players were just forcing passes or turning the ball over.  Despite all this we headed to the fourth quarter only down one goal.  In the fourth we just could not find the back of the goal or manage to take the ball away towards the very end.  Buffalo managed to come down and hand us our second loss of the season, with the final score 9-8 Buffalo.

There were a lot of negatives to see in that game (mental errors, unforced errors, and a lack of teamwork) but there were positives to take away as well.  It showed that even in a bad game we still could compete with a very good team.  I also have to say that some of our teammates showed great poise and leadership under pressure.  I lost my head a little bit after I caused a goal for Buffalo, and immediately Senior Captain Jon Kilboune was calming me down, saying that the play was over and that we’ll get the game back.  This obviously didn’t happen, but it meant a lot to hear that from him.

I give Buffalo all the credit in the world for coming down on an extremely long bus ride, playing their first game of the season, and beating us.  They will surely be a team to reckon with come tournament time.

Switching gears a little…

I’m writing this post as I pack for Clemson Lacrosse’s first ever trip out West, to play University of Colorado, University of New Hampshire, and Nebraska in Boulder, CO.  Our flight leaves at 8 am out of Atlanta (ATL is 2 hours away from Clemson), so the bus will be leaving Clemson at 3:30 am.  It’s currently 11 pm, so it looks like I won’t be getting much sleep before we head out.

I have an extreme disdain for flying but I guess anything for the team, right?  I also chose a school 12 hours away from home, which is even more puzzling when you factor in my phobia of flying.  So since I’m packing, I thought this would be a great time to show off our team’s lacrosse gear for the 2012 season!  I’ll get to that a little later though.

This trip is huge in terms of what it means to our program, and it’s a big part of our out-of-conference schedule.  We really don’t want to lose back-to-back games, so this Friday game against Colorado became somewhat of a must-win for us.  We don’t have any big out of conference wins yet and we’re hungry for one.

Ok, now on to the gear real quick!  I really recommend STX Assaults to anyone looking for a new pair of gloves.  Very comfortable, very protective and they really are snug on your hand.  Hopefully everyone has something positive to say about our gear.  Our white Pro 7 helmets have gotten rave reviews from our opponents and fans thus far, so I expect everyone should enjoy those.

clemson stx lacrosse gloves
Clemson is loving their Assaults.
clemson cascade lacrosse helmet
Very nice lids!
clemson cascade lacrosse helmet
Love that side logo.
clemson cascade lacrosse helmet
That back panel is special.

I’ll update everyone over the weekend as to how our games are going, hopefully we can head out Sunday afternoon with an 11-2 record but we’ll see.  I also hope we can enjoy our St. Patty’s Day in Boulder.  Maybe those Red Hot Buffs will let us know some of the local spots to take a trip to Saturday night.  Also, check out their series “Club Ball” if you get a chance.  It’s a pretty cool look into a special MCLA program.

Follow us on Twitter, We’ll be tweeting all trip long with a bunch of updates on the team.

Later!  Below are some final gear shots!

clemson lacrosse shooter
A nice shooter!
clemson lacrosse shooter
All in indeed!

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