matt walrath chapman takeaway lacrosse UCSB

Chapman Vs. UCSB Lacrosse: A Whole Lot Of GREATness

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The Lacrosse Network put together some fantastic highlights from the recent Chapman – UCSB game in the MCLA Division 1 ranks.  These guys just put out quality lax video like it’s their J-O-B.  Chapman won the game 9-4, but don’t be fooled, there was a ton of GREAT play!

I’d give the announcers a hard time for using the word “great” so much, but it was just so darn accurate.  This was clearly a top notch and enjoyable game!  For those who think that the MCLA is a number of steps below NCAA lacrosse, take a good, long look… and then tell me you’re not impressed.

It might not be NCAA D1 lax, but it’s really very good, and a lot of fun to watch.  The best players on the field truly shine, and the play is relatively open and free flowing.  Mix in some typically West Coast background music and I can easily watch these guys ball for over 5 minutes.

matt walrath chapman takeaway lacrosse UCSB

Walrath with another takeaway for Chapman.

Chapman is looking tough!  And how many points does Matt Walrath have this year?  60?  Not bad for a long pole.

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