Cal Vs Dominican Fall Ball Video By BHSVideoDad!

Cal lacrosse gets the BHSVideoDad Treatment!
Cal lacrosse gets the BHSVideoDad Treatment!

Just because BHSVideoDad’s son graduated from Oregon, it doesn’t mean the awesome video highlights are going to stop!  We’re not positive exactly how much he’ll be filming this year, but evidently he got a new camera and just HAD to try it out.  The lucky teams involved?  Cal and Dominican (NCAA D2)!

From BHSVideoDad:

The CAL Bears host the Dominican Penguins in a fall ball game as a preview to the 2012 season.  Dominican is in their third year as a NCAA D2 team, one of only three NCAA lacrosse programs on the west coast.   The Penguins have never beaten Cal, which play in the MCLA,  and this provides some extra motivation for their seniors.  After a mostly defensive first half, Dominican has a huge third quarter and cruises to a 13-5 win.

First test of the Canon XA10 for lacrosse.  Video was shot at 24 Mbs, The challenges are low light asit was a night game, it featured fast action, a small ball, and a large playing surface.  The Canon XA10 did well with the low light and the optical stabilization worked well.  Occasionally the auto focus had to hunt, but this is not uncommon in trying to follow sports.  At maximum zoom and low light there was a hint of vignetting.   Overall, the camera met the challenges.


  1. Is BHSvideodad for hire? Cause if you are an MCLA team and need/want some exposure $400 for a flight plus what ever he might charge to film and produce a video of his quality might be worth it… especially if you are a team on the boarder of an at large bid.