Cal Lacrosse Celebrates 50 Historic Years

California Golden Bears

When you think of some of the classic great programs in lacrosse, not many teams west of the Mississippi come to mind. For those raised on lacrosse in the West, Berkeley has been a staple of left coast lax for a long time, 50 years to be exact.

This season the Cal Men’s Lacrosse team celebrated their 50th Anniversary. The club was fortunate enough to host home games in the new Memorial Stadium on campus. The final regular season game of the 50th season was played against rival Stanford.

As part of the celebration, a 5 minute video was shown on the Jumbotron at halftime. The video includes an interview with co-founder Rick Rickerson, photos of the 1974 team, who met at the game, and other highlights from their last 50 years.

The Cal Lacrosse alumni also started a fund raiser for a coaches fund to hire a full time coach, which has reached its goal of $250,000. The money was used to replace Dan Nourse and hire coach Ned Webster to lead Cal through 2014-15.

Cal men’s lacrosse was born in 1964, the same year that the Free Speech movement rolled through Berkelely. A celebration of the 50th anniversary of that event with some highlights from the past and present. This video was shown on the Cal Jumbotron during Cal’s defeat of Stanford in the lacrosse big game April 26, 2014.