Boston College Takes on the MCLA


Well of course they are, so does every other team. Being in a traditional hotbed for lacrosse, it’s no surprise that Boston College can put together a very talented squad of players and start off the season strong. The Eagles are currently 5-0 with wins over Florida State (14-13), Miami-FL (21-3), Southern Methodist (14-9), Texas State (9-7), and Texas (10-9 OT).

With nothing but PCLL games left to play, Boston College should be well prepared to make another run at Nationals and a trip to Greenville.

Brian Conlon sent over this a video of their highlight reel of a game against Miami (FL) in which they won 21-3. LOTS of Eagle scoring if you were curious.

“Boston College came out with a strong win against Miami down in Florida last month. Winning the matchup 21-3, this proved to me that BC is a legitimate team again this year that can contend for a championship.

BC overall just looked a lot better than Miami, as the score tells. BC controlled the whole game, winning around 85% of the faceoffs and having the most Time of Possession. BC looked really good, but they can still work on fundamentals, I’d like to see them push the ball more in transition. For Miami, their defense just couldn’t hold up against BC, and their offense didn’t get to show much, and when they did have the ball, they had some costly “dumb” turnovers. Miami can get better in a lot of ways, as this was an early season loss to them.

Look for BC to compete down the road, possible Eagles Championship?”

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