BHSVideoDad Lacrosse Highlights: Oregon Beats SFU & HUGE Hit

Hoch Oregon Fraser foulv2
Big hit time doesn't always work out.

Man oh man!  BHSVideoDad took in Oregon’s win over Simon Fraser up in Canada a couple of weeks ago and provides game coverage as only he can.  The man, the myth, the legend… BHSVideoDad is back!

This PNCLL rivalry matchup featured some super sweet and crafty Canadian and Oregonian goals, plus quite possibly the most destructive hit we’ve seen in years. MY knees hurt just watching it go down. We’ll let BHSVideoDad explain the rest:

The Oregon Ducks lacrosse team had an out of the country experience as they went North to take on their PNCLL arch rivals, the Simon Fraser Clan, in Burnaby Canada (British Columbia).  Both offenses came out firing and the game swung back and forth fueled by several goal runs.  Along the way, the Ducks’ Matt Johnson and SFU’s Calvin Craig scored some sweet goals.  SFU’s chances faded late in the third quarter when they picked up a three-minute non-releasable penalty for the most egregious hit ever filmed by yours truly.

Here is a little more background on the Oregon/SFU rivalry from BHSVideoDad:

Although Oregon has been strong against SFU in the last few years; winning at home in 2011, and winning the PNCLL tournament against SFU in 2010 and 2011, but they lost to SFU in Canada in 2008 and 2010.  So this really is a big rivalry game played on Canadian soil, which makes it more challenging for the Ducks.  There was a big snow storm on Tuesday before the game and Friday night the field had to be shoveled.  Remnants of the snow were still visible but the field was in excellent shape.

Both teams have a lot of young players this year  and Simon Fraser lists no senior players, at least not eligibility-wise.  Their team lists 25 players, which is up from 19 last year.  The Ducks are traveling with 30, and have about 10 more at home.  SFU was very aggressive with their sticks and in the end they had 9:30 in penalty minutes.

The Ducks had a illegal stick call in the third quarter when they were pulling away at 15 to 10.  Instead of folding they scored a man down goal and then SFU submarined freshman Michael Hoch and drew a 3 minute penalty, essentially negating the stick penalty as they played 5 on 5 for a couple of minutes.

The photo below is proof of the intensity of the hit!

Oregon vs. Simon Fraser MCLA Lacrosse Hit
Big hit time doesn't always work out.