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Attenion D1 MCLA teams, Boston University (PCLL) is sending out an APB for another OOC game this spring. Need a game? Look no further.

Boston University is calling on the MCLA D1

We recently received an email from the gentlemen at Boston University. After some conflicts with scheduling field time this spring, they were unable to schedule a 3rd OOC game, which as most of you know is a requirement to make it to Denver come May, unless of course, you’re able to get the AQ bid from your conference.

2011 BU Schedule

Current OOC game outlined in yellow

Looking for another game this spring? Look no further,  these gents need another OOC game this spring. Sound off in the comments and we’ll get you in contact with them.

Boston University Lacrosse Homepage

Just another way to help grow the game.

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