#3Minutes: Test Day


Palm Beach Atlantic is no stranger to the limelight, or even just MCLA Fan for that matter. Today they released the first of a season long look into the Sailfish Lacrosse Program. Welcome to #3Minutes: Test Day.

‘Test Day’ is the first of the series and a flashback to the first day of spring practice for the PBAU players. They worked with their strength coach, Matt Brewster, to test the players’ fitness levels and make sure they were in peak condition before being cleared to play. If you listen to the beginning of the video, you can hear coach Brewster talking about the 21 point system and how they need 15.75 of those points to pass. If they score less than a ‘1’ on any event, they fail.

Why #3Minutes? They will be giving everyone an exclusive look into their program throughout the entire 2013 season, all in three minute long segments. Follow @PBALacrosse on Twitter and with the hashtag, #FEARtheFish.

Team bonding is dedicating an extra 10 seconds at the end of the video to reminiscing in your buddy racking himself on a 53″ box jump. Ouch!