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2013 Legal Pockets: UCLA Bruins

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Written by MCLA Fan

With Fall Ball over the MCLA season coming up, we take a look at some 2013 legal pockets in Westwood, California, home of the UCLA Bruins.

With Fall Ball over and finals around the corner, it seems like a perfect time to take a look at more 2013 college legal sticks, but this time in the MCLA. The MCLA follows the NCAA’s lead, so just like NCAA schools Ohio State & Lehigh, Denver & Maryland, UNC, Cornell, Hopkins & Penn State, as well as NCAA Division III schools, all MCLA teams must adhere to the new stringing rules. Let’s check out what the pockets are looking like for UCLA out in Westwood.

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  • Looks good. I think it’s sad that these rules are in existence. There used to be options and creativity within how you strung your head. While there is still some, all the sticks just look boring with no one having u’s anymore.

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