2011 Schedules Disappear

5 - Published December 26, 2010 by in Commentary

A curious thing happened recently on you can no longer view teams’ 2011 schedules.

Yeah, really.

Ok, they didn’t really just remove access to the 2011 schedules did they?  What could possibly be the point of this?

For those of you unaware, you could view a team’s entire 2011 schedule on by simply navigating to their 2010 team schedule page, and inserting “2011” in the address bar in place of “2010.”  It’s internet sorcery, I know.

Here is what you are greeted with if you want to see who any team is playing this season:

Why did the schedules get taken down?

I don’t know why, but an excuse about an overload of web traffic is not plausible.  Further, this isn’t sensitive or privileged information, it’s a team’s schedule.  I surmise that someone must have seen this discussion regarding 2011 schedules, and felt it somehow disadvantages certain teams, conferences, or the MCLA as a whole (I don’t know how) to have the 2011 schedules available immediately.

note: I don’t think this came from the Lax Mag guys who run the website, I think this is external to them and was requested.

Why should you care as an MCLA Fan?

Because any move that takes place to restrict access to information about the league and its business sets a bad precedent.  Now look, I’m a big boy, I understand everything doesn’t need to be discussed in public, and there is plenty of information that shouldn’t be public (see: juicy details about Gary Campo suspension).

But this does not fall into that category.  Limiting access to this particular data is harmless, but what does it represent?  Could there be more changes without explanation?

As our league grows and gains more exposure, information must be available 24/7 for players, coaches, administrators, fans, and parents.  Interruptions to that flow of information, especially without transparency and explanation, sets a dangerous precedent.

UPDATE: As of 1/1/11 all schedules are visible again on, just in time for the official season start on 1/15/11

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